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TRANSCRIPT: WR Brandin Cooks Conference Call

WR Brandin Cooks Conference Call – July 17, 2018

(On if he instantly recognized that the Rams wanted to get a long contract done with him and was the feeling mutual)

"As far as recognizing it, to be honest, I just came in and wanted to learn the culture and buy into that and let everything else take care of itself. Once they brought it up that was how I got involved. At the end of the day it was about coming in, meeting the new coach, meeting the new guys and coming together as one. To show them that I'm here just to help win and be the best teammate that I can be."

(On when he started to feel comfortable enough with the Rams to sign a long-term deal)

"Quite honestly, I think as soon as I stepped foot into the building and saw what they had going on. Even before I got here, you saw something special going on with this team, with the coach, our great owner and the teammates that I'm involved with now. It's a young culture that is very energetic that had something going for themselves before I got here. So when I got here, it was just all about tying that in and buying into the culture like I said. I think that feeling kind of generated right away when I got into the building."

(On if five years felt right to him, if it was what he was looking for or if he could of gone either on the number of years)

"I just knew this was a place that I want to be for a really long time. As far of the years and all of that, I just let them handle that, my agent handle that and I just knowing I wanted to be here for a really long time. They took care of that in the way they thought was best and we agreed with it. Other than that I'm just excited to get game one in let alone years, so that's what I'm focused on now."

(On if he feels like he's been able to bring leadership into the locker room and receivers room like he wanted to)

"I would like to think so. Leadership comes in so many different aspects. I would like to believe that I came in with a leadership example and working hard. Showing that you can come from anywhere but as long as you come together as one. I think they do such a good job of it already, the motto 'We not me.' It was very easy to come in with my personality and make that fit, and to show others as well that it's not about me, it's about the team."

(On if between getting married earlier this month and signing the contract extension has this been the best summer ever)

"Yes, with the highlight of marrying my best friend, doing that at our home. It has been an amazing month, a blessing. Like the Lord says, 'He who finds a good wife, finds a good thing,' so I think this month is definitely showing that."

(On if he has heard from his teammates)

"Yeah, most of them congratulating me. Right now, I'm not looking at my phone right now, so I don't know who else has reached out. Most of them that I've heard from are just excited to continue to build together and looking forward to the years to come. Of course, (Head Coach Sean) McVay being here to support; first and foremost (Owner and Chairman) Mr. Kroenke for believing in me, making it happen. Coach McVay, (General Manager) Les Snead our GM, (Chief of Operations and Executive Vice President) Kevin Demoff and (Vice President/Football and Business Administration) Tony Pastoors. I want to first of all thank them for working so hard throughout this process. This has been, I think, an easy process dealing with them, which has been great because all of the support they show. If Mr. Kroenke wasn't believing in this team and what he's doing with the projects. The guy has so much going on, so to think of me I'm very thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude."

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