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What They're Saying: The Houston Texans


Each week will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 10 of the regular season, check out what the Houston Texans'' coaches and players had to say about their matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum:

On what he has seen in terms of development from QB Jared Goff: 

"Jared has shown a lot of improvement from last season to this season. The Rams are doing really good right now. I always told people that when he was a rookie. He was young and seeing Jared how he went at Cal, what he needed to do was get comfortable, get comfortable with his teammates, with the system. I talked to him. He really likes his head coach, his teammates and they got him Sammy Watkins."

  • Texans' TE Stephen Anderson 

"Where do you begin? (Rams Head Coach) Sean's (McVay) done a great job with this guy. Jared, I spent time with him before the draft. He's a very bright guy, obviously drafted at No. 1 with great arm talent, intelligence, competitiveness. I think the things that Sean is doing with him make them very difficult to stop from a defensive point of view, whether it's a quick passing game or the shots down the field with the different play-actions that they have. Obviously, (RB) Todd Gurley (II) running the football – they've got it going. To me, they're one of the best teams – they're playing as one of the best teams in the league right now, so it's a very difficult challenge for us."

  • Texans' HC Bill O'Brien

"Goff's doing a great job distributing the football to everybody and it seems like you can't really key on anyone in the offense. They are doing a great job of just having a balanced offense. Goff is definitely in a groove, their offense is in a groove so we have to disrupt that on defense in the backend and try to limit all that stuff."

  • Texans' CB Kevin Johnson

On what makes the Rams difficult to defend when it comes to their offensive weapons:

"If you look at their receivers, they've got a good mixture of receivers – they have good size and speed, they have quickness, all of them are very competitive, have great hands, very smart, instinctive route runners. The tight ends do a really good job in the running game and in the passing game – Gurley at running back. They're strong in every area. Their offensive line is playing well and they're just doing a very good job. Obviously, Sean is doing a great job. Those guys are being put in positions to make plays and they've scored 50 points, they've scored 40 points – they're doing a great job."

  • Texans HC Bill O'Brien

"They have a very balanced attack. They have a ton of weapons and are just kind of distributing the ball to everybody. They have a couple good receivers, a good running back, good tight ends and the quarterback is doing a good job of getting the ball to all of them."

  • Texans' CB Kevin Johnson

"We have to stop them from scoring. They are a good team, having a good year so we have to go out there and play hard. Stop the run, build a wall from the line of scrimmage. We'll try to focus on things we try to do every week, go out there and be able to stop them.""

  • Texans' DT D.J. Reader

On what makes a Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips' defense challenging:

"I just think when you give Wade Phillips the players that he has he really knows how to create an attacking style defense where, when you line up you just feel like these guys are all over you. They're close to the of scrimmage with the front and with their secondary and they play up in your face type defense. They're an attacking defense. They're a one-gap defense. I've been sitting here for a couple days now watching (DT) Aaron Donald. This guy's one of the best players I've seen. He's a great player. But, then they have a lot of other guys: (LB Alec) Ogletree, (DT Michael) Brockers, and (OLB Robert) Quinn – I mean they've got guys up and down the roster that fit well with what he wants to do and he knows how to put it all together. He's been doing it a long time. He's been a pro football coach since he was basically 10 years old (laughs). He's just been around a long time. He does a great job."

  • Texans' HC Bill O'Brien

On what he sees from DT Aaron Donald that makes him so special:

"I just think the way that he plays the game, he's got a very relentless playing style. He uses his hands well. He's very quick. He's an attacking guy, he's tough guy. You've got to block him to the echo of the whistle. He never gives up on a play and he's a great player."

  • Texans' HC Bill O'Brien
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