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What They're Saying: The Minnesota Vikings


Each week will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 11 of the regular season, check out what the Minnesota Vikings' coaches and players had to say about their upcoming matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at the U.S. Bank Stadium:

On the magnitude of this game and what implications it may hold for the future:

"It seems like that has been a common trend lately, playing teams in the NFC that we know we're going to have to deal with come New Year's. So this is a big game for us and there's no hiding that fact. They're 7-2 and they are playing really good football and they're a team that we'll have to deal with come New Year's and come playoff time. We have an opportunity to play at home and we have to take advantage of them coming here."

*- Vikings' TE Kyle Rudolph *

"I'm excited. Anytime we get a chance to play a good team, anytime we get a chance to play on Sunday, I'm excited. It's a challenge for us, but we're going to rise."

*- Vikings' LB Eric Kendricks  *

"I think you predicted that, didn't you? You knew how it was going to be, right? No, it's a funny game and it's a crazy business, but that's what makes this so cool, is that this is two really good football teams that are going against each other and great defenses and some offenses that have done well. It's a fun story."

- Vikings' QB Case Keenum

On how similar the Rams are defensively to what the Vikings have seen in the past:

"I mean Wade Phillips does what he does. They have great guys up front, I mean I can't even count the first round picks that they have up front. They have a ton of guys that can really get after the quarterback. I think the biggest thing that jumps out to you when you're watching these guys on tape is how fast they are. Obviously everyone knows about Aaron Donald up front, but then you look through the linebackers with Alec Ogletree and Mark Barron. Those guys can all run and I think that's the biggest thing."

*- Vikings' TE Kyle Rudolph *

"This is a classic Wade Phillips defense. They are very tough to attack. They have got really good players, they play five on the line quite a bit, but they will play nickel. They have good coverage in the backend, so they'll play as much man as they want to. And they are a team that gets negative factor plays for the offense. You see lots of sacks, lots of turnovers, lots of bas stuff for the offense."

*- Vikings' OC Pat Shurmur *

On what has stood about the Rams offense so far, this season:

"I haven't been able to watch too much tape yet, but they're obviously doing something right."

*- Vikings' S Harrison Smith *

"They have all the gadgets. I know they have a lot of gadgets and a lot of playmakers so I'm going to take this day for myself and then I am going to get back and study for the Rams. Big plays, that's what I've seen on the highlights. A lot of big throws."

*- Vikings' LB Eric Kendricks *

"These guys personnel wise are really good. They have a really good back in Todd Gurley, their receivers are doing a great job and Jared Goff's doing a great job of getting the ball out to those guys in those situations. He seems to be reading the defense's pretty well, and getting the ball out."

- Vikings' DC George Edwards**

On the Rams special teams unit:

"Obviously a big game for us, an outstanding team coming into U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday afternoon. They are very, very good on special teams. I have got a lot of worries, I'm not getting much sleep this week. But the thing about the Rams is that they are good in every phase. Pharoh Cooper has done an outstanding job as a punt and kickoff returner, their kickoff cover teams is one of the best in the league, and with their punts they don't give up a lot of yards."

*- Vikings' Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer *

On K Greg Zuerlein and what Priefer has seen from him this season:

"Greg has always been an outstanding talent. I remember working him out when he came out the year that we drafted Blair, he was drafted before. He's still with the same team. He's had an outstanding career, I think he's had one bumpy year and then he's come back and this year he has been automatic. I think he's 58 of 59 in field goals and point after attempts which is unheard of especially in nine games."

*- Vikings' Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer *

On Jared Goff's progression from last season:

"We went through a lot last year and I think the fact that he kept standing back there and slinging it, man. He'd get up off the ground and keep stepping into throws and giving guys chances. The mental toughness that you have to have to play at this position, it takes a lot of it and he's got every bit he needs plus more. I think that's one of the big things is that he's as mentally tough as they come and he's got all the skills he needs. The mental game is just getting even better and better."

*- Vikings' QB Case Keenum *

"It looks like he's a lot more comfortable in the things that they're doing offensively. Getting the ball out quick to the right place, pressure doesn't seem to faze him. When we know he's got it blocked up he's going to hold the ball a little bit longer. It just looks like to me he's seeing things so much better. It looks like the game has really slowed down for him."

*- Vikings' HC Mike Zimmer *

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