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What They're Saying: The New York Giants


Each week will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. In Week 9, the Rams will travel to MetLife Stadium to face off against the New York Giants in a non-conference matchup. Check out what the Giants' coaches and players had to say about their contest against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday afternoon:

On what has changed for the Rams this season:

"The biggest thing is their quarterback. He's getting them going now. He's not afraid to throw it downfield. I would say he's not a rookie anymore and he's got experience and he's playing great ball, took that team to limits they haven't seen in a minute. He just keeps on pushing, so yeah, their quarterback is their biggest difference."

  • Giants' Safety Landon Collins 

"Guys are just making plays and they are winning close games. Everybody is playing more as a unit whereas last year they had the new quarterback who didn't really play. Still, he's coming into his own right now and he's got a lot to prove."

  • Giants' Defensive end Olivier Vernon "On defense and special teams there's a lot of similarities. The system may be different on defense, but you're getting a very good front seven that plays hard, that had a ton of speed and creates messes in the back field. And special teams is a challenge to play obviously, with everything that they do from a formation, a schematic standpoint to challenge you. They try to force you to play on your heels. Offensively is where they're a little bit different and not really necessarily some of the things you'll see schematically, but the tempo and the pace that they play with. They try to change speeds on you that way in and out of the huddle with some no huddle and try to match up what they're doing underneath and down the field, but they have a lot of new starters – three new guys on the offensive line, new skilled players. A quarterback that's young and coming into his own and a running back that is as talented as anybody in the league."
  • Giants' HC Ben McAdoo

On his impressions of QB Jared Goff:
"Yeah, I think that a young quarterback there I think his 15th start. He seems to be gaining confidence. He's definitely a young quarterback that has a lot of tools and has some good rhythm in his body. The system seems to fit his skillset. He's very comfortable dealing with the ball, whether it's under center or in the gun. He's come a long way in a short time in this league under center. He spent a lot of time in the gun, but he's got some nice weapons to distribute the ball to – that helps, some guys that he's building chemistry with that obviously are some players that have some football smarts to them."

  • Giants' HC Ben McAdoo

On what challenges the Rams present defensively:

"They have a great team, a good front seven, a lot of speed and their corners play well. They do a good job of getting to the quarterback, a good job stopping the run. So we have to be sound up front, know our assignments because they got some good players and we have to win on time in our receivers. They play a good bit of man so that gives you some opportunities to make some plays."

  • Giants' Quarterback Eli Manning

On what challenges the Rams present offensively:

"They're fast and explosive. They definitely rely on Gurley and that's big. We definitely have to stop him and if we stop him, we have a chance."

  • Giants' Safety Landon Collins

"They have a great running game. Gurley, he's been having a great year and one thing we have to do is just stop the run. We can't stop the run, then it's going to be a long day for us. So we know the jobs we have to do as far as our unit to help us get this W."

  • Giants' Defensive end Olivier Vernon

On how similar the Rams offense looks to the Redskins offenses from the past few seasons:
"I think there are a lot of similarities there. They do some outside zone, they do a lot of window dressing with the receivers as far as the old fly-sweep stuff, the reverses, the fake reverses. You'll see a little bit of the Shanahan system in there as well with their shots down the field, how they like to tie the spacing concepts into their shots down the field as well as some of the Gruden type stuff."

  • Giants' HC Ben McAdoo
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