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What They're Saying: The Seattle Seahawks


Each week will be taking a look at what Los Angeles' opponents have to say about facing the Rams. Heading into Week 15 of the regular season, check out what the Seattle Seahawks coaches and players had to say about their upcoming matchup against the Los Angeles Rams at the CenturyLink Field:

On how Wade Phillips' scheme has changed how the Rams front seven is playing:

"The guys are the same, but there's a little bit of a different scheme that he plays. But obviously, when you have an Aaron Donald — I mean that guy can make plays in any scheme. He's a guy to be reckoned with. We have to make sure that we take care of him and account for him all the time. Obviously Robert Quinn as well. Those two guys can really wreck the game and that doesn't mean that I want to diminish the other guys because they've had depth for a lot of years. There's a lot of solid players there." 

  • Seahawks' OC Darrell Bevell

"The Rams are who they've been all year, they've been a really good team with some really good players. So to have us be in tact and together just gets you excited about what's in front of us."

  • Seahawks' OL Coach Tom Cable

On what Aaron Donald brings to the table:

"When I think about Aaron Donald, he's probably in my opinion the greatest defensive player I've ever played against in terms of actually playing a game against. That's a pretty big statement because I've played against some really good guys. I think back to my rookie year an my second year — I played against guys like Bowman, Willis, and all those guys in my head are probably the top guys I've ever played. And then I think about Aaron Donald and he's up there as well. I have tremendous respect for how he plays the game. He's really tough, he's really quick. He's pretty special. You look forward to those matchups because those are things you remember and what you'll tell your kids one day. He'll probably be a Hall of Famer no doubt."

  • Seahawks' QB Russell Wilson  

"You know where he's at. He's at three-technique most of the time. You can move the front and move him places, but predominantly he's the three technique. [And] that's Aaron's game, he's a disruptive guy. He's been disruptive, it doesn't matter who they play. And so you want to minimize that as best you can. So that's your target is to try and not have those negative plays."

  • Seahawks' OL Coach Tom Cable

On what about the Rams makes them so tough to play:

"A number of different things. First and foremost they play a very physical brand of football which obviously we're very familiar with. So when you put two physical-minded teams together you typically get a good football game. That's always been the case, that's been the case since I've been here. They've done a phenomenal job and obviously had extreme success with it this year."

  • Seahawks' WR Doug Baldwin 

On what he has seen from the Rams since the last time L.A. played the Seahawks:

"We have a heck of a matchup coming up against a team that has been playing great football. They've really turned everything around and have been enjoying a fantastic season. Saw a great matchup with the Rams playing Philadelphia last weekend, two really bigtime teams battling and it was a heck-of-a football game. We have good stuff to look, but man we have a lot of respect for what they're doing in all phases. This is probably the most well-rounded a team...These guys are great on special teams, they're playing terrific defense, and the offense is averaging over 30 points a game. So, we have to do everything right to have a chance."  

  • Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll

"It all goes back to the quarterback play. He looks much more comfortable back there, he's going through his reads more — first receiver, second receiver, those type of things. And the receivers are getting open."

  • Seahawks' S Bradley McDougald

On how big of a factor RB Todd Gurley has been:

"The offense, I think, is clearly build around his ability and the dynamics of what he offers. He's a terrific outside runner and inside runner. He's great with the ball in his hands coming out of the backfield. He can do everything. And the remarkable thing about Todd is that he has been so durable and so consistent. He's given them just real, obvious consistent factor throughout. They know it, they're going to him. I mean the coaches talk about it, it's in the stats. There's no denying it, he's really the centerpiece."

  • Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll

On the biggest differences from Goff year over year:

"It's a big difference, it really is. He's playing to his potential. You can see him game in and game out making great throws, he's in command of the offense, he's creative with the plays that he makes, he's utilizing his players really well. He was in more of a survival mode his first year I think, and he's not there at all anymore. From early on when we played him, he had started well and was already playing good football. He's just continued to show that consistency which is a fantastic attribute."

  • Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll

On the Rams special teams unit:

"Yeah they are really good. They've always been really good. Fassel does a really good job coaching these guys and we've always had tremendous respect for the stuff that he's been able to do over the years. Fortunately, we know them, they know us. But, scheme, an aggressive mentality, good players at the right spots. Their special teams — the kicker, the punter, the returner. Pharoh Cooper is doing great on the backend so it's just a well-oiled group that will really challenge us." 

  • Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll

On what sticks with him about punter Johnny Hekker:

"Well he's a Washington guy, I know that. But Hekker has done an amazing job over the years and has done some really incredible things, but heart-breaking things for us. He's got a great arm, he's fast. Just a great athlete. He can really boom the football. To watch terrific, terrific punters is actually something fun for me to watch. Hopefully, he doesn't do any tricks this time."

  • Seahawks' QB Russell Wilson
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