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Where Are They Now: Isaac Bruce

We caught up with the legendary Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce. While equipped with many football and post-NFL career accolades, Bruce is now adding another project to his repertoire. Bruce and his former college teammate, Marcus "Doc" Holliday, are launching a podcast called Run Pass Option with Isaac and Doc (R.P.O.). We had the chance to speak with Bruce and learn more about his upcoming project and hear what he's recently been up to.

Q: What inspired you to pursue the "R.P.O." podcast with Doc?

A: Well, I thought just from our college days, experience of playing football – just being former football players in general – we're fans of the game. I'm a fan of the game, still excited about the game and I think I maybe have an idea or opinion that I could share. I think the biggest thing is to help current players, players who have dreams to play in the NFL, maybe guys who are in college right now. If I can share some of my expertise that others have taught me on this, that's another reason we decided to start this.

Q: What do you hope listeners will gain most from the podcast?

A: I think not only the Los Angeles fans can benefit, but just all fans in general. A football fan can get a lot from it because I think that from a faith standpoint, we're definitely going to integrate that in with the conversations that we have and the topics that we have. Family, football – it'll all be accessible through our podcast. I think from a football or sports fan's point of view or faith, I think we'll check every box and make sure that we not only feed the listeners that tune into our podcast, but we'll make sure we'll make a change and create a positive impact on them.

Q: What else have you been involved with since retiring from the NFL?

A: My wife and I, we do a youth ministry back in Fort Lauderdale, and I have a new construction company, the Bruce Construction Management. Also, I have two beautiful daughters, so that keeps us pretty busy. That's about it and just trying to be a philanthropist as best I can through my foundation and being, what I call, a 'booster' for my high school down here in Fort Lauderdale – Dillard High School.

Q: What do you remember about being a rookie and do you have any advice for the current Rams rookies?

A: I was shocked by the speed of the game. You can tell the difference. I wasn't playing with kids anymore. I was practicing and going about my business with grown men, people who had families, people who treated the game like it was a job – the way it was supposed to be – and they were very serious about their craft. My advice would be to link up with what you want to be. You're a Ram. There's another person that you want to emulate in your style of play, his mannerism on and off the field. There are guys there who have been to Pro Bowls, guys who have played in Super Bowls, and coaches. We can take everything that those coaches give us, good and bad, and apply them to our lives.

To keep up with the Rams Legend and for podcast updates, follow Isaac Bruce on Twitter: @IsaacBruce80.