Playoff Tickets FAQ's

Is it too late to gain access to a presale for playoff tickets if I am not a current Season Ticket Member or part of one of the other presale groups?

  • If the Rams host the NFC Conference Championship game you can still get presale access by purchasing SSLs or 2019 season tickets.

As a season ticket member, when will I be charged for the purchase of my tickets?

  • Season Ticket Members who opted into the “Pay As We Play” payment plan will be charged once a home playoff game is secured.
  • Fans who purchase tickets through will be charged during their transaction.
  • Deadline to opt in is December 17, 2018 after which time your seats will no longer be in your account and will be available for the general public to purchase

What is “Pay as we Play”? Is it too late to sign up?

Can I relocate my seats for playoffs?

  • There is no relocation for playoffs. However, Season Ticket Members have an opportunity to buy additional tickets, based on availability, beyond their regular season allocation before the general public can buy tickets.

Can I apply my seller’s credit towards the purchase of my playoff tickets?

  • No, seller’s credit may only be applied to regular season tickets and not to playoff tickets.

Will I physically receive my tickets?

  • Only Season Ticket Members who received physical season tickets before the season will have physical tickets for any playoff games.
  • For all other fans, tickets will be mobile only.

I am a Season Ticket Member and received physical playoff tickets. Are these tickets valid to enter tha game?

  • Yes, but only if you pay for the tickets once the corresponding game is clinched.

How can I access my tickets?

  • Tickets will be available on your mobile device. Please download your ticket(s) to your mobile device before you leave for the stadium to ensure an easy entry. To learn more, visit our Mobile Ticketing page.

I am purchasing a ticket for a game that is not yet confirmed. What happens if you don’t host the game?

  • Should the Rams not host the game, the funds will be added as account credit that can be applied towards the purchase of next year’s season tickets. Refunds will be issued upon request.

I see you are only selling tickets to a Divisional Round game. What happens if you host a Wild Card game instead?

  • Should the Rams host a Wild Card game instead of a Divisional game, your card will be refunded the difference between the two prices.

Am I able to purchase a parking pass?

  • Only Season Ticket Members who had season parking will be guaranteed parking passes for playoff games
  • If additional parking becomes available we will email all known ticketholders regarding the right to purchase.
  • Certain lots on USC campus will be available for day of game parking.
  • To learn more regarding parking visit:

I have season parking, but how do I receive my parking pass for playoff games?

  • When your parking pass was purchased it included the cost for both playoff games. These passes are included in the parking pass packet originally mailed to you at the beginning of the season.

Are there other ways to get to the game?

  • Yes, you can use Metro or rideshare. Metro cars run every 6 minutes on gamedays and stop very close to the LA Coliseum

Is tailgating an option?

  • Tailgate parking is limited and sold only to Season Ticket Members. We offer two tailgate options each gameday – a VIP tailgate with all-inclusive food & beverage or turnkey services and space for groups of 10 or more.
  • For more information visit:

If the Rams make it to the Super Bowl, will I be able to purchase tickets?

  • As the Super Bowl is a production of the NFL, all tickets are distributed among the 32 teams, the NFL League Office and its partners. The participating teams in the Super Bowl receive an extra allotment to allow for some Season Ticket Members to attend the game, but there are not enough seats for all Season Ticket Members of both teams to be able to purchase tickets. If the Rams are participating, we would plan a lottery to select the Season Ticket Members who would receive an opportunity to purchase tickets. Exact details on date of lottery, pricing and quantities will be determined at a later date.