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Best of Sean McVay's "Coach Cam" appearance during Rams-Chargers preseason broadcast 

INGLEWOOD, Calif. – For the first time since 2019, Rams head coach Sean McVay joined TV affiliate ABC7's broadcast for live insight and discussion on the game unfolding before him.

Here are some of the highlights from that "Coach Cam" appearance during the Rams-Chargers preseason game Saturday night. The full video is available at the bottom of the article, as well.

Being a "developmental staff"

Offensive coordinator Liam Coen, pass game coordinator/secondary coach Chris Shula and run game coordinator/defensive line coach Eric Henderson all got the opportunity to call plays during Saturday night's preseason game.

"Liam's been doing an excellent job, and then Chris Shula did a really good job with the operation in the first half," McVay told the ABC7 broadcast team of Andrew Siciliano, Mina Kimes and Andrew Whitworth midway through the third quarter.

McVay said "it's great" to be able to hand over those responsibilities to assistants in the preseason, and that those are important developmental opportunities for coaches. He also credited defensive coordinator Raheem Morris for empowering his coordinators on that side of the ball.

"We try to be a developmental staff," McVay said.

Whitworth chimed in, adding that Morris told him pregame: "We develop players, why wouldn't we develop coaches?"

Diagnosing the action in realtime

With the Rams defense facing a 3rd-and-short situation, Siciliano asks McVay what the playcall is in that moment.

"I would think another situation to be able to play sticky here," McVay said. "Coming out in a 3-by-1, we're holding a little bit, looks like we're in a zone. We're probably in our three-deep rotation coming down. Good job by (cornerback) T.J. Carter flashing in that window, and God, I cannot believe he got across the four (yards), but it looks like he's short."

More than just an evaluator of offensive line play and technique

At one point in the interview, Whitworth praises wide receiver Lance McCutcheon for McCutcheon's patience on his route in the back of the endzone that led to the 2-point conversion.

"You said it Whit, he was nice and patient at the top," McVay said. "You guys just think Big Whit's just an exquisite left tackle his whole career, he's got an appreciation for the All-22, too."

McVay had (perhaps jokingly) mentioned this week that he would be recording Saturday night's broadcast to evaluate Whitworth's performance after the game when he got home. When asked about that, he offered more praise for Whitworth.

"I have no doubt that this is a very smooth transition," McVay said. "He's always worked at whatever he does. He's one of those guys that, you almost get pissed off because he's just good at everything, whatever he decides to put his mind to. I have no doubt that my guy has been outstanding, and I'm sure you guys would agree he's a great partner to have up in the booth with you guys."

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