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Pick 254 meant to be for KT Leveston

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. – Before he left the state of Texas to play his college football at Kansas State, KT Leveston spent the first 18 years of his life in the 254 area code of Waco.

On Saturday, he went 254th overall to the Rams – an unexpected parallel to his story.

"That call, it felt like the world had stopped and everything was a dream come true," Leveston said Saturday.

Versatility is a part of Leveston's skillset he takes pride in. While he's "pretty comfortable" at left tackle, he said he's been able to develop lots of comfortability at every position along the offensive line.

"Honestly, I'm comfortable playing anywhere, left, right, guard, tackle," Leveston said. "Even if I'm not a starter and the center goes down, I'm telling you I can hop in there, for sure."

Leveston said working on that versatility is what separated himself from a lot of other players this past year. Whereas earlier in his career he just worked on playing left tackle, over the last four years he's played each of the tackle and guard spots while also practicing center.

"And that really helped me more so understand the game to where I know everybody's position and everybody's technique, so now whenever that ball is snapped, it slows it down 10 times more," Leveston said.

While learning multiple positions was tough at first, Leveston realized that if he could be comfortable being uncomfortable, then he is getting better. He would try to put himself in harder positions, like learning how to play left guard, learning how to switch his stance to right tackle or right guard, learning how to snap the ball and still be able to step or do a kick-slide out of it.

"It's more mental, I would say," Leveston said. "Just from a mental standpoint, you have to keep pushing yourself, and then once you start feeling comfortable, you got to start putting more pressure on yourself to get even better than that. That's what develops great players, and I know I'm going to be a great player."

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