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From the Podium: Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford share takeaways from first joint practice with Raiders

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay and quarterback Matthew Stafford each held press conferences with local media following Wednesday's joint practice with the Raiders, discussing what they took away from Stafford's performance and the day overall, and more.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those conversations, which you can watch in their entirety below:

"That's what I like about Matthew is he's aggressively trying things out. So, then you can learn how to be smart with that decision making thought process when the games really count." – McVay

  • Although Stafford threw three interceptions in Wednesday's joint practice, it was the result of getting reps with some new things the Rams' offense was installing, according to Stafford.
  • As indicated above, McVay didn't have a problem with the approach, saying one of those interceptions was a "good, aggressive decision" while the other two were off of tipped passes that weren't Stafford's fault.

"The way that it ended, just based on a lot of unnecessary things that took away from football – there are still some things I know we can take away and be able to learn from it, but it was a lot of unnecessary things that I know both of us want to be able to eliminate to try to get better." – McVay

  • While the Rams and Raiders were able to accomplish some things on Wednesday, McVay was disappointed with a few skirmishes that happened between the two teams and disrupted the joint practice at times.
  • "I don't believe there was any sort of malicious intent from their guys," said McVay, who also noted it wasn't exclusive to one team or the other. "But just that practice etiquette and getting the work that we want – this is two teams trying to get ready for the upcoming season, trying to shape one another, and we want to make sure that we structure the practice in a way that's beneficiary for both of us."

"It's always good to get out there and play somebody different – different schemes, different looks with different players." – Stafford

  • Wednesday represented another competitive opportunity for the Rams' offensive starters to go against someone other than their own defense.
  • Stafford said the Raiders' defense showed them looks they hadn't seen yet in training camp, "which is really good for us as a team and me as a quarterback to see."

"(The 7-on-7 redzone period) was really good. We executed well in the pass game." – Stafford

  • In that segment of Wednesday's practice, Stafford connected with wide receiver Cooper Kupp and tight end Tyler Higbee for touchdowns.
  • "I thought the guys were crisp and good," Stafford said.

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