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Allen Robinson II "locked in" as he works to maximize opportunity with Rams

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – At some point, a trip to Disneyland could be in the cards. Maybe a visit to Dodger Stadium to take a Dodgers game, or Angel Stadium of Anaheim for an Angels game.

Right now, though, wide receiver Allen Robinson is all about getting settled in Los Angeles and learning the Rams' offense.

"My main focus is just making sure I'm locked in on what my task is at hand right now," Robinson said during a video conference Thursday afternoon. "Some of those experiences will come down the line."

When Robinson held his introductory press conference nearly two months ago, he said he was eager to get to the facility this spring in order to "fine tune" his role in the offense. While a player with his 6-foot-2, 220-pound frame traditionally excels as a contested catch specialist, Robinson indicated he is more than that – capable of not only coming down with those jump balls, but also running the entire route tree and being versatile enough to be involved in every facet of the offense.

One month into learning the offense and gaining clarity on that role, he likes what's in store.

"(Head) coach (Sean) McVay and the offense that he's put together and offense that these guys run, it's been a top offense in the league for a reason," Robinson said. "I truly believe that it'll bring the best out of me, and I'll be able to display all the elements of my game."

Robinson is getting assistance from a great resource in new teammate Cooper Kupp. Robinson said even when running routes on air, the two of them are always talking through route concepts, different leverages of defensive backs, how routes are ran based on different leverages and different angles, and how to create separation in a very specific and detailed approach.

"Whenever you're playing next to guys like that, it's a tremendous help," Robinson said.

Getting acclimated is an active process, and Robinson is doing his part.

Besides those conversations with Kupp, Robinson said he makes a concerted effort to over-communicate with quarterback Matthew Stafford anytime they're on the practice field together.

"Anything that he sees, to just being in communication with me, to making sure if there's anything I can do better, making sure I'm on the right timing, making sure everything is timed with what he sees and things like that," Robinson said. "Whenever you have that communication with the quarterback, it just makes things so much better."

Robinson said he hasn't had a "Welcome to L.A." moment yet, though considering his priorities at the moment, it's understandable. His sole focus is on making the most of his opportunity with the Rams.

"I've just been very, very focused on not just the football aspect, but the movement aspect as well," Robinson said. "I've been pretty hunkered down and focused. My main focus is to come out here, be the best receiver I can be, and play as well as I can."

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