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An even more bulked-up Byron Young, and being a better 'closer', part of OLB's offseason approach ahead of Year 2

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – If you've seen videos and photos of Rams second-year outside linebacker Byron Young and wondered if he looks stronger, or bulked up, you would be correct.

"Feels great," Young told after Tuesday's OTA workout. "I feel like I got faster with it, because I felt like I would get slower a little bit, I definitely sped up a little bit."

Listed at 250 pounds last season, Young said he's currently close to 260, the result of working with Head Team Performance Dietician Sebastian Zorn on a meal plan. Young didn't specify his target weight is, but said he's getting closer to it.

"It's good to be bigger and fast," Young said. "They wanted me to see if I get to this weight and see if I could play with that, see if I could sustain that and that's what I'm doing right now. It feels great. Getting close to up to 260, so it's good, and I don't look bad. That's one thing that I would worry about – I didn't want to get the weight and then not look great. But it's definitely something that helps me with the run game, pass game, setting the edge and all of that, for sure."

Besides exploring that, Young is also using this time during the offseason to "do what I did last year, but multiply that." As is his goal every year, it's about his growth as a player and not making the same mistakes as he did the previous year.

Even with a strong start to his pro career notching 8.0 sacks as a rookie, Young thinks about the games where he wasn't the closer the Rams brought him in to be, so he's working on becoming a better pass rusher in order to better fulfill that role.

"I felt like last year I definitely (had) games where I need to close out and I didn't come through, and that's my goal. That's my number one goal," Young said. "Honestly this year, it's just about you know being a closer. They brought me here for a reason. They brought me here to rush the passer. it don't matter if it's a sack or whatever, it's a pressure, get to the quarterback, affect the passer. So I feel like I didn't enough of that last year, and that's my number one goal is the train, do everything it takes to get there. Whether it's getting off the ball, better technique, shed off the block faster, whatever it is, that's what I'm working on right now."

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