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Goff Trades Footballs for Pink Roses at Race for the Cure

Diehard Rams fan @PinkSurvivor70 was first diagnosed with cancer in May of 2012. It was sudden without any prior family history. Throughout it all, her family and friends were there for support. Even when she began to lose her beautiful, prized hair. 

However, since that time, she has not been afraid to share her experience with other people.

"The biggest reason I'm still able to advocate for this cause and to see my children grow up is because my cancer was caught so early," she said. "Early detection saves lives."

Earlier this month, Rams quarterback Jared Goff co-chaired the Susan G. Komen's Los Angeles County Race for the Cure.

"It was great seeing everyone come out to support the event," Goff said. "My favorite part was handing out pink roses at the finish line. It was a special moment to meet each survivor as they finished their race."

The annual event's goal is to raise funds to support local breast health services and national research for a cure.

"As a Rams fan, I was thrilled to see Jared Goff at the Race," @PinkSurvivor70 said. "It meant so much to complete the Race and have Jared at the finish line handing me a rose. I thought that was such a classy, special touch."


Among the thousands of survivors and supporters at Dodger Stadium, @PinkSurvivor70 was there walking in memory of her chemo partner. This May will mark the fifth anniversary of her completed treatment. It is a milestone date that makes her proud and pushes her to "pay it forward."

"When I lost my hair, I wore wigs. I bought about five different ones," she said. "Whenever I felt like being a redhead, I would just be a redhead. About a year and a half later, my friend got breast cancer and I gave her all my wigs. The only thing I told her was to just pay it forward. Help someone else when they need it."

"I feel like I can use my experience to help other people get through cancer. It is important to me."

If you wish to donate or get involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, you can visit today for more information. "Komen puts on such a great event," @PinkSurvivor70 said. "Just being amongst fellow survivors, it's like a sisterhood. It's that sisterhood that keeps me coming back."

The Rams, CBS LA and Jared Goff team up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure at Dodger Stadium. Photos by Jeff Lewis.

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