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"What Do You Do with A Chance?" Jared Goff reads to Inglewood Unified Students at Kelso Elementary

"One day I got a chance. It just seemed to show up. It acted like it knew me, as if it wanted something," Goff read aloud virtually to 1st grade students at Kelso Elementary in Inglewood.

As he flipped the page, he illustrated to the students how the picture represented a chance slipping away.

The book Goff picked certainly didn't seem random, but thoughtfully selected, as the chance to help address education inequities and support students in the Inglewood community was not one the Rams star quarterback was going to let get away.

"I'm excited to be here with you guys and I'm hoping I can get to know you and be a part of your community for a very long time," said Goff to the 1st graders.

For the past two weeks, Goff has spent his off days reading to Inglewood Unified School District students to help improve literacy in under-resourced communities and level the educational playing field for Inglewood youth.

"We appreciate Jared more than he knows for is passion and commitment to our district and its students and families," said Dr. Erika Torres, County Administrator for Inglewood Unified.

This is one of many initiatives Goff is leading to make a meaningful difference in the Inglewood community, which is home to SoFi Stadium.

Last month, Goff purchased scholastic book packs with reading supplies and JG16 backpacks for 1,000 Inglewood Unified students. He's also committed to donating all net proceeds from his apparel line, JG16, in perpetuity to Inglewood Unified and plans to match each purchase with a donation.

For several weeks, Goff has been meeting with Inglewood Unified School District representatives to help identify the most pressing needs for their students, discover ways to put them on paths to future success, and be part of the solution for years to come.

"So what do you do with a chance?" Goff asked the students as he flipped to the last page. "You take it…because it might be the beginning of something incredible."

To view one of Goff's reading session with Inglewood Unified Students, click here.

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