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McVay enjoys preseason TV appearance, but won't take it into the regular season

Last Saturday's preseason TV broadcast offered viewers atypical access to the sidelines. 

With 5:45 left in the third quarter, Rams head coach Sean McVay joined the broadcast crew to discuss the action on the field. The segment generated a huge response, surpassing one million views within @RamsNFL tweet which included the video and earning widespread attention from both fans and media alike. 

McVay enjoyed having the opportunity to contribute to the broadcast and said he'd love to do it again in the future, but wants to keep it strictly to the preseason. 

"I thought it was fun," McVay said during a conference call with beat reporters on Sunday. "I think it would be something I would only do during preseason games. I think I'm a little bit more relaxed – I don't know if relaxed is the right word -- but I'd probably be a little more pleasant to talk to during a preseason game."

Swapping his regular coaching headset with one that connected him with the broadcasters, McVay broke down the plays happening before both his and the viewers' eyes. 

Juggling conversing with play-by-play voice Andrew Siciliano, L.A.'s head coach explained the coverage his defense was in – or may play before a snap, in one instance – as well as the perceived on-field personnel for the Cowboys' offense. He'd also chime in and discuss certain players when they made a play, such as when linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo drew a holding penalty. 

He even stuck around when the Rams' offense took the field at Siciliano's request following the defensive stop during the segment.

There will be two more chances for the Rams to incorporate this segment into their broadcasts – Saturday against the Denver Broncos and Aug. 29 at the Houston Texans. 

When it comes to keeping it only to the preseason, McVay pointed to his in-game demeanor as part of the reason why. 

"When it's a regular season game, I think you guys would quickly realize, 'We don't want to do this 'Coach's Cam' with this guy. He's a maniac.'" 

In other words, be sure to tune in this Saturday and next Thursday. Come Carolina week, McVay's attention will understandably redirect elsewhere. 

"I thought it was fun and enjoyed doing it," McVay said. "It would definitely be something that if the fans like it and it adds value to our preseason broadcast, I'm more than willing to help any way that I can. But once we get into those regular season games, my sole focus and concentration is on that."

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