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Sean McVay hosts "Chalk Talk" with hundreds of So Cal high school football coaches 


Coaching at the NFL level is hard. It's a lot harder than yelling "Throw the ball." Even though that is what we all scream to our TV's on Sundays. This week, Sean McVay hosted a "Chalk Talk" with 220 registered high school football coaches from more than 120 different schools throughout Southern California to share his coaching experiences.

For an hour, McVay spoke about his leadership philosophies and even pulled up some old film on his computer screen to share his thoughts on a_ Backside B-Gap Block.

Hosted by Voice of the Rams J.B Long, all the participating coaches were encouraged to ask questions during the session.  

"Being exposed to football has been amazing. You have a group of people who normally would probably never talk to each other, now form this crazy bond because we are building something," Western High School (Anaheim) Running Backs Coach, LeCreisha Camille (known as Coach LC) explained. 

Coach LC has been a Rams fan since the 90's. She moved from St. Louis in 2016 and jokes, "The Rams followed me two seconds later." So, when the head coach at Western passed the information along to his coaching staff about the Rams "Chalk Talk", Coach 'LC' was like, "Yes, please and thank you."

"I was really excited. I feel like I'm a mini Sean McVay in a way. No, I don't have relatives that coached or anything like that, but I feel very blessed to be a football coach." Like McVay, Coach LC has experienced firsts in football. She is the first female in the entire Anaheim school district to coach at the varsity football level. 

And, like many of the coaches on the call, Coach LC said, "It [was] amazing to see what the thought process is at the NFL level. Because if my thought process is kind of like yours, that makes me feel like I'm on the right track. It's motivating."

Michael Case, Head Coach at Riverside Poly, agreed. "It was extremely beneficial for me, to just listen to coach McVay's philosophies as a leader and as a coach. Especially during these troubling times. I feel like it will help the kids that I get to coach, immensely. I hope that I can take some of that information with me and bring it to the athletes that I get to work with." 

Each of these coaches will shape the lives of their student athletes and help them prepare for their futures. So, while we all can't actually coach the Rams, there are a hundred coaches in Southern California, who are one step closer to coaching the future stars of the NFL.  

Sean McVay wrapped up his Chalk Talk by urging all coaches to use their platforms for the right reasons. "Enable [student athletes] to be successful, no matter if it's on the football field or not."  

 If you are a high school football coach in Southern California and you have any ideas or questions on how the Rams can support you and your school program, please email:

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