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6 Questions with 6Connex: Cobie Durant on coming from a small town in South Carolina, "landshark" nickname, camaraderie in Rams defensive back room

Periodically over the remainder of the regular season, will feature 6 Questions with 6Connex with a different player.

Up next is defensive back Cobie Durant, who discusses his hometown of Lamar, South Carolina, the inspiration behind his "landshark" nickname, and the brotherhood that is the Rams defensive back room.


1) You come from a small town in Lamar, South Carolina. How would you describe it to someone who has never been there before?

"Only one stoplight, country town. Everybody know everybody."

2) Where did the "landshark" nickname come from?

"Just something I came up with. I used to always watch Shark Week when it used it come on. I just seen it as, you don't want to be stranded on an island when sharks are around, because you ain't going to never get off the island. You gotta swim with the sharks to survive.

3) What was your first big purchase after signing your rookie contract?

"I got me a car. I got a 2018 GLC Mercedes-Benz."

4) Have you had your first welcome to the NFL moment? And if so, what was it?

"Training camp against Cooper Kupp. He caught the ball on me, and I was like, you know, that's just a welcome-to-the-NFL (moment). But then a couple days later, I got him back."

5) How do you like to spend your free time?

"Obviously I'm new to California, so I'll be trying different restaurants. That's basically what I try to do. I ask them, I ask the guys what good restaurants are around here."

6) What's the camarederie like in the Rams defensive backs room?

"Man, it's a brotherhood. It's a brotherhood. I love those guys, we compete at a high level and hold each other accountable."

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