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At the bye week, Rams still see room for improvement but feel good about where they stand

A two-game win streak after the first-ever three-game losing streak under head coach Sean McVay would be enough for the Rams to feel good about themselves going into their bye week.

Complacency, though, has never been Los Angeles' M.O. Rams players and coaches see both some positive momentum to take into the break and areas where they can improve.

"I think what we did is, we did a good job of responding from some adversity," McVay said. "We're 5-3. We're what our record says we are, but we're going to be able to look at ourselves and figure out what can we do to consistently have good, clean performances, all three phases putting it together?"

It's not surprising that this is McVay's biggest point of emphasis this week, given the strong correlation it has had to the Rams' success in each of the last two weeks.

Against the Falcons, special teams accounted for 16 of the Rams' 37 points. With a little bit of overlap, the defense was responsible for 17 thanks to takeaways. An efficient run game helped the Rams win the time of possession battle by more than 15 minutes.

Against the Bengals, special teams helped prevent them from starting each offensive drive no further than their own 25. The Rams' defense held the Bengals' offense scoreless in the second half. The offense broke out a 65-yard touchdown on a double-reverse flea flicker.

"The Atlanta game was a step in the right direction, and I think in some glimpses, each of the phases played well, but we've got to play consistently through all four quarters," McVay said. "I think it's a good thing to feel that way."

For Rams WR Cooper Kupp, who just logged a career-high 220 yards on seven catches plus one touchdown in L.A.'s win over Cincinnati, establishing that consistency comes down the details of the game.

During their three-game losing streak, the Rams were averaging nine penalties per contest. That number has dropped to seven across their last two games.

"We feel good about, obviously some momentum going into the bye week, but really just being able to get back into the win column is huge," Kupp said. "You go all the way back to the games that we weren't able to pull out that W, it's little things that show up that can change the course of a game. We've played some good teams and they take advantage of those small things, it can change the course of the game."

The 10-day road trip seemed to have the galvanizing effect the Rams were hoping for.

"Yeah, because we've been around each other all day, every day. I'm ready to get ready away from these guys," Rams DT Aaron Donald joked. "No, but it's been good. Guys being together, bonding, doing things outside of the football world, just hanging out. It's been good for us."

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Cognizant of what still needs work, the Rams are still at 5-3 and have one road game left before back-to-back home contests.

Now, the challenge is to carry over what worked so well over the last two weeks through the rest of the season.

"Feel good, feel good," QB Jared Goff said. "We just gotta keep winning games one at a time. It starts with last week and it started this week. One at a time, nice bye week, get to rest up a little bit, come back recharged and go to Pittsburgh."

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