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Daily Dose: Sean McVay's Brilliant Memory

Each weekday, will be taking a look around the internet for the top Rams headlines of the day. Here's a look at what's out there for Monday July 23rd about your Los Angeles Rams:


HBO's upcoming "Real Sports" profile with Bryant Gumbel will feature head coach Sean McVay, specifically his football mind. In the episode (airing Tuesday, July 24, 10 p.m. ET), McVay displays his photographic memory, recalling specific plays and describing them to a T.

Will Brinson of provided a brief transcript of the interview:

GUMBEL:"Is it true what I read that you have a photographic memory where plays are concerned?"

MCVAY: "I think that-- probably more accurate thing is, I just don't have any balance. So all I really have (laugh), you know, the only room I have in my brain is to-- these plays"

GUMBEL: "No seriously. I mean, do you really remember?"

MCVAY: "I remember plays, but it's something that, you know, you're constantly going through it."

GUMBEL: "Well, let's see. Let's-- let-- let's see. Last year, week 16, you're playin' the Titans. Okay? You got ball 2nd, 11 at your own 20. 4:24 left in the second quarter. You remember what happened?"

MCVAY: "4:24 left in the second quarter?"

GUMBEL: "Yeah."

MCVAY: "Second and 11, I could probably say when we were going in we were flip the field, that was when we hit Gurley on the 80-yard screen."

RAMS LEGEND HAS HIGH PRAISE's Meghan Payton sat down with former Rams running back and NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson last week. Throughout the interview, Dickerson had many positive things to say about both head coach Sean McVay's trust in his staff and running back Todd Gurley's impact.

On Sean McVay:

[Sean McVay] is not afraid to let his coaches coach. He is not afraid to hire a guy that is the best at his position. I think what really impressed me last year was [the game] against theCowboys. McVay was back away from the sidelines sitting on the water cooler talking to the offense. Head coaches, they want to be there like, "I'm stoic. I'm doing everything." I talk to him about it. He said, "I don't even worry about it. Wade Phillips does that. He's handling the defense. That is his job. I have faith in him."


On Todd Gurley:

"As far as Todd, man he ran the ball well last year. He blocked well. He came out of the backfield well. He did everything good. It's hard to repeat. He was going up for MVP and to me should have been MVP. People are going to say [I think that] because I played for theRams, but that is not true. His value to that football team [is so high]."

"If you took [Gurley] away from the **Rams** [it's] just like if you took **Tom Brady** away from the **Patriots**, but you never know with that because Bill Belichick still wins. If you tookTodd Gurleyaway from theRams, those 11 games they win may go to six."

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