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"I'm always competing with myself" | 10 Things with Coleman Shelton

Each week I interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off it. This week, OL Coleman Shelton shares what his offseason looks like, the movies he geeks out about, and his goal for this season.


1: Up north

Sarina: What does the offseason look like for you?

Coleman: I usually come back up to Seattle because I played at University of Washington, obviously, and my fiancé would like to live up here in the offseason because she still works up here. She comes down in-season and works remote, but it's always fun to come back up here and see some friends and I like training up here.

2: Trey!

Sarina: You're from Pasadena. You went to Loyola High School. Stereotypically speaking, offensive linemen are usually from the Midwest. Do you get called out for that?

Coleman: Funny, a lot of a lot of people say "I didn't think you were from L.A." But, both my parents are from different areas. My dad's from Tennessee and my mom's from Virginia, and they ended up out here. L.A. is where I was raised, and I loved it. I loved growing up in LA. And, yeah, I'm an offensive lineman but you know I still like to surf and go out and swim and stuff, so it's a good time.

3: Man with a Vans

Sarina: What's the most L.A. thing that you do?

Coleman: I've been wearing Vans since I was in the eighth grade. I still wear Vans. And, when I talk about the freeways, I always say "the" 101 or "the" 405 or "the" 110. Have you seen the SNL skit called "The Californians"? My brother's name is Trey.

Los Angeles Rams arrive at 2021 training camp.

4: Whit knows everything

Sarina: What has a guy like Andrew Whitworth taught you?

Coleman: Gosh, he's taught us so much. He's just one of those guys when he speaks up in the meeting room or on the field you just listen. He knows everything. He's been around so long and he's done it at such a high level. He's always willing to help anybody so we are very lucky to have him around.

5: When things got hairy

Sarina: Your hair used to be longer. What happened?

Coleman: I went to Loyola so we couldn't grow our hair out. It's an all-boys, private school. So as soon as I went to college, I was like, I want to grow it out. My first two and a half years, I let it go. And then, I figured it was time to come back to reality. I did love it. Definitely something I'm glad I did.

6: Earthling

Sarina: Would you ever try space tourism if you had the money for it?

Coleman: No, no, no. I love space movies and all that, but I think there's a lot on this earth that I have to see that I haven't.

7: Not so easy

Sarina: What is something you thought would be easy until you tried it?

Coleman: First thing that comes to mind are hover boards. They became a big trend when I was in college. Step on and you could just lean forward. I couldn't ride them for my life.


8: Geek Squad

Sarina: What do you geek out about?

Coleman: I'm a pretty big geek. I like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Marvel stuff, I kind of dive in on those like if I find a cool science-fiction thing or story that I just love. I go all in. That's another hobby of mine too, I like to know everything about a story. I don't know what it is that draws me to it, but as a kid, I always love superheroes. I always think it's cool to be able to take yourself out of reality and just to go into something else.

9: Puzzling

Sarina: What is a children's toy that you still get joy playing with?

Coleman: I love puzzles. I love using my mind. During quarantine, my fiancé and I did probably 10 jigsaw puzzles, like 1000 pieces.

10: Your toughest competition

Sarina: What is a goal for you this season, personal goal or team goal?

Coleman: My goal is to always push myself as hard as I can go. I'm not competing against anybody on the team ever. I'm always competing with myself, that's the way I look at it.


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