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10 things with John Johnson

Each week during the season, we interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off of it. Team Reporter, Sarina Morales, asks the questions fans want to know, in a fun and conversational interview. This week, safety, John Johnson, spoke to Sarina about hockey, Liam Neeson and how excited he is to play at SoFi Stadium next season.


1. Off SZN:

Sarina: What are your plans this offseason?

John: Stick around here. Get right. Get my body right. Stay out of trouble.

Sarina: You didn't take a vacation, though? Probably take one.

John: I don't know. I was trying to go to Costa Rica or something. But I don't know. I don't need a vacation. I can wait. Might do little quick trip to Cabo, but nothing planned.


2. Hockey:

Sarina: You went to an LA Kings game... that was your first hockey game?

John: First pro hockey game. Boston College is close to pro. They're pretty good.

Sarina: That's true. What's your favorite part about professional hockey? Or any hockey?

John: The fights. And when they get that contact up against the glass. We were sitting right on the glass. I like when they hit up against the glass. When they fight.

Sarina: Do you think you would be a good hockey player?

John: If I knew how to skate, I think I would. I feel like street hockey, maybe. But I'm amazed about how they just start and stop right down on ice.

3. Movies

Sarina: You're a movie guy. What's a movie you recently saw you would recommend?

John: I don't know how new it is, but I watched Cold Pursuit. It was on Amazon, so I just clicked on it. Well, I typed in Liam Neeson's name. I wanted to get my fix. My Liam Neeson fix. And I saw all the Taken's. I watched Men in Black, the new one. He was in there. So yeah, Cold Pursuit. It was a pretty good movie.

Sarina: Why do you like Liam Neeson?

John: Because he's savvy. He's so smart. That's how I want to be when I'm old. He's seasoned, he's a vet and everything


4. Power:

Sarina: Who killed Ghost on Power?

John: Man. I think it's Tariq, but if it's not Tariq, I think it's someone that we least expect. Like at the end, before the little mid-season break. You know how they showed people walking up toward the club? If it's not Tariq, I don't think it's any of them. I think it's like an oddball. I really think it's Tariq, though.


5. Learn something:

Sarina: Did you learn something about yourself this season because you sat out the majority of it, because of your shoulder [injury]?

John: I don't think about myself. I think I learned a lot about the game just watching, seeing opportunities that you don't normally see, being out there. This is the first time I actually like was down. When I got hurt, it wasn't that I was hurt, I just didn't have anything to do when I got home from rehab, even before the surgery. It was just weird to not have structure in my life.

Sarina: Shock to the system.

John: Mm-hmm (affirmative). So it was definitely... like I won't take it for granted anymore. We're blessed to play. It was a different outlook.


6. Changes:

Sarina: What's the biggest change you've noticed about yourself since entering the league?

John: Biggest change ... I don't know. I didn't really change. I mean, I have changed on the football field. But me personally, I don't know. I don't think I've changed much. I just think I can do more now. I have more resources. More ability to do whatever I want to do. I do a lot of adulting. I got to wash clothes. I got to take care of a house by myself. All the things you took for granted, that your parents did for you. You have to do now. You have to pay bills, everything. My garbage disposal went out not too long ago. Yo, they're expensive. Everything is so expensive.

7. TG

Sarina: Who was the guy you are most like on offense?

John: Todd Gurley. I'm going to get mine regardless. You know? I show up and show out.

Sarina: What's the thing you and Todd connect with the most? I know you guys are homies.

John: We were both social. I think I'm a little more outgoing, but we both like being around good people, good vibes, good energy, doing fun stuff. So I don't know, we just like vibing. Wherever it may be.


8. Not camera shy:

Sarina: The number one fear is public speaking, but you're an outlier because you are like, "Hello, look at me. I'm JJ." You are super comfortable in front of the camera.

John: Yeah, I'm kind of, I'm indifferent to it. I like it. It comes natural so why not, you know, take advantage of what you're comfortable with. Like you said, a lot of people are uncomfortable with it. They'd rather not. But I think we all do a good job of getting the job done, answering the questions that are asked. But I don't know, I like it.


9. What is in JJ's fridge?

Sarina: What must you keep in your fridge at all times?

John: I like Acqua Panna water. It's the orange label. It's from Italy. Tuscany. Keep that in the fridge. I keep some Minute Maid in the fridge. Tropical punch. And then, I don't know why, but every time I go to the grocery store, I have to get a thing of spinach, like fresh spinach. I don't know why.

Sarina: Do you sauté it?

John: Yeah, sauté it. Put it in an omelet or just put some on a club sandwich. I always got spinach in there. Avocados, but that's not really in the fridge.


10. SoF Stadium:

Sarina: New stadium. What are you excited about with a new stadium?

John: Just everything being new. The turf is brand new. The seats. It's going to be clean there. The bathrooms, locker room, everything's new. Like new is cool, so that's why I'm looking forward to. I know the first game and maybe even like the first season, it'd be like sold out just because it's new, so it will be a little vibe.

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