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Cam Akers moves forward to 2023

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Across the highs and the lows from his 2022 season, Rams running back Cam Akers found applicable lessons from both by the end of it.

The biggest one?

Remaining resilient.

"I learned that I'm a resilient young man," Akers said Monday as Los Angeles began its offseason program. "Even when times get tough or cloudy and I don't know what the end result is, I know to keep working and doing whatever I'm doing to put myself in the best position. Remain resilient, remain God-fearing and just keep working."

These are things Akers said he already knew, but "came to the forefront" this year as he prepares for the 2023 season.

In 2022, Akers was away from the team for nearly a month as the Rams worked through internal issues. L.A. explored trading Akers during that time, but Akers ultimately returned to the team following the trade deadline.

"All behind me," Akers said of what happened last season. "Can't harp on the past or things that have happened in the past. It's a business, I treat it as such. You live and learn, and when you're not learning, that's when it's a problem. I'm learning."

Over the final 10 games he played upon returning, he rushed for 635 of his 786 rushing yards and six of his seven rushing touchdowns, including three-straight games over 100 rushing yards to close out the season. Asked if he's confident that early on this season there will be an opportunity to get the run game going by giving the ball to him consistently, Akers said he is based off how the offense as a whole – not just him – finished the season.

"Just got to be patient, make sure I do my part, try to continue to be a leader," Akers said.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford had the vantage point of watching Akers from the sideline last season and through the time leading into the offseason program and was impressed by what he saw in both facets.

"Watching him, I thought he did an unbelievable job setting the tone in the run game for us," Stafford said. "He was running physical, making big plays, doing all the things you really needed him to do. Looking forward to continue to build off of that."

Stafford said that when he worked out at the facility in the time leading up to the offseason, Akers was also in the building. Knowing what lies ahead, Akers indicated it will remain the case for those voluntary spring workouts.

"Just making sure I do my part," Akers said. "Obviously it's my fourth year, contract year, big year for me personally, so just making sure I do whatever I need to do to be at my best for this team and for myself. That's why you've been seeing me here. You're going to continue to see me here."

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