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Cooper Kupp enjoying having his brother Ketner in L.A. 

It's pretty rare to have a pair of brothers on the same NFL team.

But that's exactly what the Rams made happen back on May 15, when they signed undrafted linebacker Ketner Kupp to the 90-man roster.

Ketner, 22, has now followed in his 26-year-old brother Cooper's footsteps both in college and in the NFL. And while Cooper and Ketner weren't sharing the same field much during the offseason program as the elder Kupp continued to rehab his torn ACL, Cooper seemed to really enjoy the experience of having his brother around during the spring.

"It's so much fun, so much fun," Cooper said at minicamp. "We've had just a couple times where I've had to block him on defense — kind of a throwback to our college days when we were doing that."

Beyond the time shared spent in the building, Cooper said Ketner spent plenty of time at his local residence. Cooper noted that he hadn't put Ketner on babysitting duty for his just under one-year-old child ("I'm worried June will beat him up a little bit. I've held off not because I don't think he can handle it, but I'm worried for him," Cooper said), but that hasn't stopped Ketner from hanging around.

And given the unique nature of the situation, Cooper truly cherished being able to spend that time together.

"He eats a lot of my food at my house, sleeps on my couch almost every night," Cooper said with a smile. "It's so much fun — total blessing. Any time you are able to be around family at this point in your life and have family as much as we do, I don't take that for granted at all. It's an incredible experience and a blessing for us."

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