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"It's come full circle for me": Weddle on photo of him rocking the throwback Rams threads

A few days after the Rams signed safety Eric Weddle to a two-year deal in his home state, the two-time All Pro shared a photo of him in full Rams garb from back in the day.

Weddle said his Mom resurfaced the photo in a group chat over the weekend, and it seeed to jog the veteran's memory, as he recalled his days growing up just east of Los Angeles in his introductory press conference.

"I remember having a Rams uni, full tackle uniform, like tackling the couches and stuff when I was a little kid," Weddle said. "I didn't have any brothers, so my dad was getting the brunt of it."

Weddle, a father of four, will now professionally make tackles in Rams threads as his 12-year professional career marches on in L.A. And the childhood photo, shared by his loved ones, is perhaps evidence of one of the reasons Weddle had the Rams at the top of his list when he was released by the Ravens after three Pro Bowl seasons on the East Coast.

After explaining the origin of the photo that received over 16,000 likes on Twitter, Weddle shared how excited his nine-year-old son Gaige is to see his Dad's new workplace with the defending NFC Champions, saying the nine-year-old has already been asking to skip school to visit his Dad at work, now just a few hours from their home in San Diego.

"It was cool just to put that out there and how it's come full circle for me," Weddle said of the picture. "I've had an amazing run at this. I think things happen for a reason and to have an opportunity to finish out what I started in an amazing place like this and where this team has been in the last two years it's been a progression each season for this team. So, next step is to go win the Super Bowl."

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