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Stay at home with the Rams: Sebastian Joseph-Day

Check out what Sebastian Joseph-Day is up to as we all practice social distancing and stay home to stay healthy.

What are you currently binge-watching?

"Ozark" season 3 finished it this morning! Love every bit of it. Finished "Dexter" as well. The ending was disappointing but Ozark hasn't disappointed yet!!!!


Most random thing you did this week?

Quarantine Quarantine Quarantine Quarantine *DJ Khaled voice *😂 I also had a Quarantine birthday so that was exciting.

How are you getting ready for year three while social distancing?

These jail house workouts I've been doing at home! The deck of card challenge each day. Band work, abs, you name it. Plus hiking and running for the cardio. I'm On my Rocky Balboa. 😂 Can't forget about "Call of Duty" as well to keep the hand eye coordination on a bean!


What's your favorite read currently?

I'd have to say this daily devotional that I'm reading right now called "Jesus Always " by Sarah Young.

Go-to movie?

Honestly I love movies too much to have a go to. It's whatever mood I'm honestly in.

What app are you spending the most time on?

I'd usually say Instagram but I've been on Twitter a lot lately, tweeting way more than I usually do. Got so much time on our hands.

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