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Top 3 moments from Hard Knocks The After Show: Week 1

Over the next five weeks, team reporter Sarina Morales will bring you her top 3 moments from Hard Knocks The After Show and share a few clips you may have missed. Sarina was joined by the voice of the Rams J.B. Long, NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano and actor Bryan Greenberg.

Hard Knocks The After Show will stream live at 8pm PST on each Tuesday, immediately following Hard Knocks.

1: Nobody puts Dont'e in a corner, but he'd be happy with a bigger locker.

Cornerback, Dont'e Deayon had his fifteen seconds of fame in Episode 1. Not only did he attempt to out-flex Aaron Donald, he used a lot of real estate to joke about his cramped quarters. Safety precautions around Covid-19 required the Rams to make lots of changes to their facility, including spacing out player lockers into two different rooms. Deayon voiced his "concerns" with staff. "What do I got to do to get into this [locker room] and not the other one?" He called his side of the locker room the "projects" alluding to the space he had in comparison to some of his teammates like Jalen Ramsey. "Look at Jalen [Ramsey] over here in the suburbs." Ramsey lifted the chair to his locker to reveal additional storage underneath. "Look how many cleats he could fit in there!"

Bryan Greenberg delivered our first top moment from the After Show. Forget about how many cleats could fit in Ramsey's big locker, Greenberg suggested "I thought Jalen Ramsey had enough room in his locker for Dont'e. He could just fit underneath [Jalen's] locker." Point taken. And while Ramsey has joked in the past that he doesn't have Calabasas money… yet, the lockdown corner certainly has a better locker than you do.

2: The joke's on us, and for us. Thanks Dont'e Deayon.

Say what you will, Deayon made us laugh. Those close to Deayon will agree, he knows how to "turn it on" for the cameras. Deayon was a surprise guest on last night's After Show and when I asked him about actually having an issue with his locker he said, "We got to create our own edges. Give us something to feast off of. Get us going for camp. It's camp! We're getting locked in. That's just my way of putting it in my mind that it's grind time." You be you, DD.

3: Kast some light on OutKast

Andrew Siciliano ended the live show with his "easter egg" theme for Hard Knocks Los Angeles. "There is an OutKast thread being woven" throughout the episode. The song, So Fresh, So Clean played during episode 1 during a scene that highlighted all of the health and safety procedures taking place due to Covid-19. And that was enough for me. But Siciliano mentioned two other nuggets he thinks NFL Films producers snuck in. Hey Ya! This is something to look out for during the next episode. Ain't No Thang, but you can watch Siciliano's take on the OutKast theme below.

And if you missed the whole episode and want all of this to make sense, you can watch Hard Knocks The After Show below! Until then, see you Tuesday.

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