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From the Podium: Best of Friday's Super Bowl LVI Rams press conferences

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – The Rams wrapped up their Super Bowl media obligations Friday with head coach Sean McVay, quarterback Matthew Stafford, running back Cam Akers, offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, wide receiver Cooper Kupp, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., linebacker Troy Reeder, cornerback Darious Williams, defensive back Jalen Ramsey and safety Eric Weddle each at the podium speaking to local, national and international media.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those conversations:

"It's going to be great to have all three of those guys up." – McVay

  • With Darrell Henderson Jr. activated off of Injured Reserve on Friday, the Rams will have him, Sony Michel and Cam Akers at their disposal in the backfield.
  • "How the game unfolds will dictate to determine how those guys are utilized," McVay said. "But you do have your full arsenal on a lot of different things that we can activate as do they defensively."

"I think just leaning on my teammates along the way." – Stafford

  • For Stafford, what's allowed him to stay locked in are the people he spends the most time around during the season.
  • Stafford said "so many guys" have helped him out, whether it was welcoming him to the team or pushing him along.

"I just feel blessed to even be here right now." – Akers

  • Akers' remarkable return from a torn Achilles adds another exciting new chapter, as he's now getting ready to play in a Super Bowl.
  • Akers said playing with this team in the Super Bowl was motivation for him to come back, knowing how hard his teammates had worked and the position they put themselves in.

"I think it will be a lifetime relationship." – Whitworth

  • For everything McVay and the Rams organization has been to Whitworth and his family over the last five years, it "has been extremely special."
  • Whitworth said they'll always be involved with the organization, McVay and the players he's had a chance to play with in Los Angeles.

"He deserved to be recognized for what he's done for this community, for communities across this nation." – Kupp

  • For Kupp, Whitworth winning Walter Payton Man of the Year was a "lifetime achievement award."
  • Kupp said all the places Whitworth has been, he's been focused on making the people around him better.

"It's easy, you know what I mean? Nah, I don't go get to go against him much, but he's been my favorite corner." – Beckham

  • Beckham said Ramsey is "one of his favorite corners ever."
  • Beckham's first game in 2018 coming off his ankle injury was against Ramsey and the Jaguars – "not exactly the person you want to go against, but just the type of competitor I am, I always feel like the bigger the talent and challenge, the more you want to step your game up."

"It's been awesome. Just got to finish it now." – Reeder

  • No time for Reeder to reflect on his journey as an undrafted free agent to starter on a Super Bowl team.
  • He's focused on one singular goal: Winning on Sunday.

"We don't want this to slip out of our fingers." – Williams

  • Williams recognizes the magnitude of the opportunity Super Bowl LVI presents with the chance to win a ring for players like Ramsey and Aaron Donald who deserve it.
  • "We know what's at stake," Williams said.

"Literally everybody in the secondary has had their opportunity to play, so that's been super cool, honestly." – Ramsey

  • Pick a member of the Rams secondary, and chances are they've been asked to take on an expanded role and met the moment at some point this season.
  • Ramsey said it's "brought us to this point."

"Oh my gosh, it would be incredible, right?" – Weddle

  • Being the team to bring the Rams their first Super Bowl title in Los Angeles would be special for Weddle.
  • "To be the team, the guys, the core group to bring them back and bring a Super Bowl here, listen, we'll be etched in history, man. We'll live in eternity," Weddle said.

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