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Rams players reflect on London memories

ATLANTA – For many Rams players, this isn't their first trip to London.

Thus, as they prepare for Sunday's game against the Bengals at Wembley Stadium, memories of past experiences come to mind.

"I don't love traveling over there, but playing over there is not bad," Rams QB Jared Goff said.

Goff is one of 30 players on the Rams' current 53-man roster to have played in London, whether it be with the Rams or another team.

In his first NFL London game, Goff completed 22 of 37 pass attempts for 235 yards with one touchdown and one interception, adding two carries for 13 yards and one touchdown in a 33-0 win over the Cardinals in 2017. However, what Goff remembers most is the gameday environment.

"I do enjoy the fans, different type of atmosphere that you get over there – where often times, they're cheering for field goals," Goff said. "I think it's fun, I think it's cool. We do have a lot of fans over there – not only for the NFL, but for the Rams. I remember the last few times we've been over there, just seeing all those people with those jerseys – that is fun."

The crowd reactions to certain plays and variety of jerseys also caught the attention of WR Cooper Kupp when the Rams last played in London.

"They love kickoffs, field goals over there," Kupp said. "The other thing is the jerseys. You see a lot of (Pittsburgh Steelers QB) Ben Roethlisberger jerseys with the Big Ben dynamic of things. You see a lot of different jerseys. It's not just the team jerseys of who's playing, it's whoever's NFL jersey they thought looked cool, Whoever they're rooting for over there, for whatever reason it is, you see it a lot. It's cool, though. It's a fun game."

Though he's in just his fourth NFL season, CB Jalen Ramsey might as well be a veteran when it comes to London.

Ramsey was drafted fifth overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars in April 2016, six months after the club extended its agreement with Wembley Stadium to play a home game across the pond through 2020.

Statistically, he collected an interception in two of the next three London games. Historically, his final Jaguars game in the U.K., a 24-18 loss to the Eagles last year, set a new attendance record for an NFL game outside the U.S. with 85,870 fans on hand at Wembley Stadium. In 2017, Ramsey contributed to a 44-7 win over the Ravens.

"I've been able to play well over there," Ramsey said. "Hopefully, I can again come Sunday."

As Goff alluded to, the biggest obstacle for these games is the travel.

Still, players see it as a valuable opportunity to grow the game of football and their own likenesses.

"I look forward to it, just going over there and getting to play football overseas, expanding and introducing football as always to another country but just going out there and expanding our brand as players, being able to make some plays," Woods said. "I know it's a little early when they show it (back in Los Angeles), but other than that, it's a football game, just in a different location."

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