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From the Podium: Buccaneers, Week 9

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay, linebacker Bobby Wagner and quarterback Matthew Stafford each held press conferences with local media Wednesday, with McVay discussing his late grandfather John McVay's influence on his life, facing Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and more.

On Thursday, defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, offensive coordinator Liam Coen and defensive lineman Aaron Donald each met with local media to discuss the Buccaneers' offense and defense, and more.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those conversations, which you can watch in their entirety below.

"If you keep giving the best player in the world that many opportunities, he's gonna get comfortable the more opportunities he gets." – Morris

  • When told Donald remembered Brady getting comfortable in their previous matchup, Morris agreed and said they played too many snaps, which is usually a bad sign for a defense.
  • The Rams will look to limit those opportunities on Sunday.

"(Running back Cam Akers') first practice will be today. Really glad to have him back, and we'll just see where he's at." – Coen

  • Akers (personal) returned to practice Thursday after not practicing in Weeks 6 and 8.
  • "Hopefully, we can get him going, and if that's this week and we can get him turned over both physically and mentally to play on Sunday, great," Coen said. "If not, then we'll continue to see how that situation develops and see where it can go moving forward."

"(Outside linebacker Leonard Floyd is) a playmaker. That gives us opportunities to win." – Donald

  • The Rams defense is looking for Floyd to continue building on his two-sack game against the 49ers in Week 8.
  • "The guys that play well gotta continue to do that, and that guys that didn't, they gotta pick it up because we got a good team we're playing this week," Donald said.

"Be the things you loved about people who are gone." – McVay

  • Reflecting on his late grandfather, who passed away Monday at age 91, McVay said he drives to be what he said above.
  • McVay said there's "no chance" he'd be in the position he's in if it wasn't for what his grandfather did for him.

"I think the biggest difference is there's been some key drops in key moments. I think the run game is a little bit – they've kind of moved away from the run game." – Wagner

  • These are the key differences Wagner is seeing between Brady this season compared to the way Brady played last season.
  • "I think all of that kind of plays a part in how he's playing, because I think you got to play complementary football, from a running standpoint standpoint," Wagner said.

"(Van Jefferson) did a really nice job of executing things that we asked him to execute." – Stafford

  • While Jefferson didn't record any statistics in his season debut beyond his snap count, the impact of his return was still felt by the Rams offense.
  • "He's moving great," Stafford said. "All the confidence in the world for him as he's coming back."

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