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Jeff Lewis/ LA RAMS
Angel Fabela: Stars in the stands
Faces of the #RamsHouse features incredible stories that highlight the passion of Rams fans
By Sydney Ringdahl Jan 13, 2021
Photographs By Jeff Lewis/ LA RAMS

People become Los Angeles Rams fans in different ways. 

Some people are loyal to the hometown team, some are born into it and some, like Angel Fabela, marry into it.

"All I'll say is I was a very young lady when the Rams left Los Angeles. Back then, I didn't follow football too much. The game seemed very complex."

In 1999, Angel met her now-husband, Paul, a diehard Rams fan, at a friend's birthday party.

He had continued to follow the team when they moved to St. Louis and attended games there every year.

One day he asked Angel if she was interested in going to a game.

"Everything changed after that, I was hooked! It was the 1999 season and The Greatest Show on Turf was in full swing. What a time to become a fan!"

"What a time to become a fan!"

He was the first person who took the time to explain the game to Angela, as well as the rich history of the Rams.

Starting the following year, Angel and Paul would travel once a year to St. Louis and to at least one division game on the West Coast to cheer on the Rams.

This started while they were dating and continued after they tied the knot. The only year they broke their tradition was 2012.

Angel was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2012 and spent the rest of the year in treatment, which included surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

"It was the only time we didn't travel to any games, but honestly watching them on TV really got me through it that season. It wasn't a winning season sadly, but it was a welcome distraction!"

Cancer free in 2013, Angel had the chance to meet with the Director of Bring Back the LA Rams, a group of loyal fans dedicated to the hope that one day the Rams would return to LA.

"The thought of having my beloved team back in LA was invigorating! We jumped headfirst into the effort, and many rallies and meetings later, we rejoiced as we heard the commissioner announce the return of the Rams to the LA market!"

Since the Rams return, Angel and Paul have been proud Season Ticket Members and co-founders of the Rams Empire Fan Club.

"Wanting to pay it forward, we host traveling fans from all over the country as well as overseas at our popular tailgates! It's for love of this team that I've met some of the best people whom I now consider life-long friends, or Ramily."

There's a reason they aren't afraid to put on a huge tailgate every game.

"We specifically invite and host out of town fans! We know what's it's like to have to travel to watch your favorite team."

"It’s for love of this team that I’ve met some of the best people."

Does the Twitter handle @pinksurvivor70 ring a bell? If you're a part of Rams Twitter, you know where to find Angel.

"Being a Rams fan is in my bones. People often tell me, 'I'm a fan, but boy, you REALLY are a diehard fan!' I'm proud to say I am!"

There isn't an event that she won't attend, a Rams tweet she won't engage with or a person she won't recruit to be a Rams fan.

"I've gotten to know many fellow fans through social media so my Ramily has expanded quite a bit! I have gotten to know some great people who will be lifelong friends."

If you haven't seen Angel on social media, you've definitely seen her decked out horn helmets, which she switches out depending on the games.

"I'm at every home game loudly cheering on my Mob Squad, sporting my Rams gear and Rams horn hats with custom bling horns for just about every occasion: Original, Color Rush, Breast Cancer Awareness, London, Christmas and Salute to Service, which holds a very special place in my heart to honor my son Nick, who is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. He too cheers them on from wherever he happens to be in the world!"

She even had a custom cheese grater built onto the horns for a game against the Packers.

"The LA Rams have a rich history of many star players. Some have even become Hollywood stars in TV and Film. The way I see it, Ram fans are stars too. Much like the players are stars on the field…the fans are stars in the stands."

"the fans are stars in the stands.”

You won't regret following this star on Twitter or stopping by her tailgate, Rams fans.

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