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Sharon Ransom: Traveling the world for the Los Angeles Rams
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By Sydney Ringdahl Jan 09, 2021

Whether she has a ticket to the game or not, Sharon Ransom will travel the world for the Los Angeles Rams.

"I remember traveling to Atlanta to watch the Rams play in the Super Bowl in 2019. Unable to secure tickets, I watched the game at a sports bar down the street from the stadium with a friend and my cousin."

They were three of only five people cheering for the Rams, surrounded by a bar full of Patriot fans.

"It was a little intimidating, but we held our own. Unfortunately, we did not (get) the win, but it was an experience of a lifetime."

"It was an experience of a lifetime."

Ransom proudly wore her Rams attire on the flight to the game, as well as on her return flight home.  

If you know Ransom though, you know no matter the day or season, she finds a way to rep the Rams in her outfits every day.

Rewind the tapes to November of that same season, Ransom was all ready to go to Mexico.

With a purchased flight, hotel room and game tickets to attend the game in Mexico City with friends, it was hard not to be disappointed when the game was moved back to LA. 

But what started out as disappointment, became the most exciting game Ransom has attended: Monday Night Football against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"The energy from the fans was electric! My disappointment quickly faded once we entered the stadium. I was so happy that I got to have that experience."

It's no surprise that Ransom also traveled to London last season for Week 8. 

"My friends thought I was crazy to travel to London to attend a football game. It was another great experience."

Ransom took a red eye flight and while waiting for her connection, she saw a group of people wearing orange and black clothing. 

 "Of course, I was dressed in my Rams attire. One of the women asked me if I had a family member on the team. I told her no and that I was just a huge fan." 

It turned out the woman was the mother of Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon. 

"She was surprised that I would travel so far to watch a football game. I wished her luck and told her that we would beat the Bengals. The Rams did not let me down."

"The Rams did not let me down."

London brought Ransom another Rams win and a chance to see how expansive the Rams fanbase really is.

"It was very memorable to watch them play in London. To see so many fans from another country was a good feeling."

While Ransom hasn't been able to travel or even see her Rams at home this season, the team has still been able to be there for her. 

"This football season has helped me to keep my sanity during these trying times. It is the one thing I look forward to."

The next thing Ransom will look forward to? Getting a picture with Rampage. 

"Little known fact: I get super excited to see Rampage and would love to have a picture with him. I have taken many pictures of him from my seat." 

Hopefully in 2021 we can get Rampage to stop dancing and pose for a photo!

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