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Get to know Georgia DB Derion Kendrick | Pick 212

The Rams used their fifth selection in the 2022 NFL Draft on Georgia defensive back Derion Kendrick, who was chosen in the sixth round, 212th overall.

Here's what you should know about him:

1) No fly zone

According to scouting service Pro Football Focus, Kendrick didn't allow a single touchdown in 2021.

2) No fly zone, Part II

Per Sports Info Solutions, Kendrick surrendered just five catches on 29 targets at least 10 yards downfield. That completion percentage is the lowest on such throws among the 2022 NFL Draft class.

3) Part of University of Georgia history

Kendrick was one of 15 Bulldogs drafted this year, setting a new NFL record for a seven-round draft. The previous record was held by LSU (2020) and Ohio State (2004), each of whom had 14 players selected in those respective years.

4) Former wide receiver

Coming out of high school, recruiting websites rated Kendrick as a five-star wide receiver. He played the position for one season in college before switching to cornerback, where he ultimately found success.

5) Never not working asked each of the team's draft picks, as you have developed in your football career from high school to now being drafted into the NFL, can you share how you were Always Working to get to this point?

Here was what Kendrick had to say:

"Really just being where my feet are, for real. Not really about what the next thing I got going on (is) or what the future may hold. Just trying to be great at that time. That's really how it's been for me, and that's really how you got to be as a player. You just got to be in the moment. That's all I really focused on throughout my career, high school (and beyond). Just focus on what I gotta do and it led me to winning and led me to winning multiple championships over time. Just had great guidance from coaches, family's been supportive, it's been great."

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