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From the Podium: Sean McVay, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, Mike LaFleur, Raheem Morris and Cooper Kupp preview Week 17 at Giants

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay and quarterback Matthew Stafford each held press conferences with local media Wednesday, discussing the Giants defense, Stafford's toughness and more.

On Thursday, defensive tackle Aaron Donald, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur, defensive coordinator Raheem Morris and wide receiver Cooper Kupp met with the media, discussing the Giants offense, 

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those conversations:

"I've seen a consistent work ethic." – McVay

  • What's stood out to McVay about wide receiver Demarcus Robinson's play is his consistency, which is something he's shown all year.
  • McVay said Robinson has been a "big-time contributor" both with and without the ball in his hands.

"Just trying to be available as much as I can." – Stafford

  • Asked what it was about his time in Detroit with the Lions that helped him developed his toughness, Stafford pointed to the above and said he learned it when he first got into the league. 
  • "That was kind of the mentality of of the league back then and still, you know, for the majority is today," Stafford said.

"Accurate at times. Obviously can make the throws, make the plays with his feet, extending, just like a lot of these quarterbacks in the NFL." – Donald

  • Tyrod Taylor is slated to start at quarterback for the Giants on Sunday. 
  • Taylor completed 7 of 16 pass attempts for 133 yards with 1 touchdown against 1 interception in Week 16.

"What I'm most proud of (Demarcus Robinson) is when he wasn't getting time on the field, he just kept going and he didn't say anything." – LaFleur

  • Robinson has four-straight games with a touchdown catch as his opportunities have increased, but LaFleur said he's been the same, consistent person regardless of the scope of his role. 
  • "Demarcus is an awesome human being and he brings a certain energy that is just unique to him," LaFleur said.

"This year, the training wheels are off and it's (Ernest Jones IV's) team, his defense." – Morris

  • What stands out the most to Morris about Jones' growth from last season to this season is the ownership Jones has taken. 
  • "What he brings to our gameday atmosphere when he's feeling right is different than a lot of guys I've been around," Morris said.

"He does a great job of communicating that stuff fairly efficiently." – Kupp

  • Kupp said that one of Stafford's "elite" traits is his ability to, play-by-play in a game, call out what he's seeing while also giving one or two words to someone in the midst of everything going on in his head.
  • "Quarterbacks are supposed to know what's going on, but it's another thing to be able to communicate that clearly (and) concisely without, you know – that shot clock's going dow – to be able to get things going," Kupp said.

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