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From the Podium: Sean McVay and Bobby Wagner preview Week 3 at Cardinals

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay and linebacker Bobby Wagner each met with local media prior to Wednesday's practice, discussing the latest on wide receiver Van Jefferson's status, facing Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and more.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those conversations, which you can watch in their entirety below:

"(Jefferson is) on track. It's kind of week to week right now." – McVay

  • Jefferson's status remains the same as it was last week, according to McVay.
  • McVay said he does not expect Jefferson to practice this week.

"It's really powerful when you got leaders like Jalen (Ramsey), like a Bobby Wagner, like guys like Aaron Donald, and then you look at on the offensive side, a lot of the same guys, pouring into these guys." – McVay

  • Ramsey taking the time to coach up the younger defensive backs in training camp is paying dividends several weeks later, with players like Cobie Durant stepping up on short notice and making plays.
  • McVay said that when you have players of that caliber, who have been performing at a high level for a long time, other players listen to them.

"I think (Murray)'s done a better job of throwing the ball when he needs to, taking the checkdown when he needs to, but obviously the biggest thing, the biggest challenge is him running." – Wagner

  • While Murray has improved as a passer in Wagner's time going against him, Murray's scrambling ability remains at the top of defensive players' minds as they prepare to face him this week.
  • Murray's ability to make those off-schedule plays can ignite his teammates, according to Wagner, which makes limiting those opportunities important.

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