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From the Podium: Sean McVay shares final thoughts on Colts ahead of Sunday's Week 2 game, Jalen Ramsey on being more than just a cornerback

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – Rams head coach Sean McVay and cornerback Jalen Ramsey each held press conferences with local media Friday as they concluded their preparation for Sunday's game against the Colts (10 a.m. pacific time, FOX), with McVay discussing his final thoughts on the Colts and Ramsey discussing the mindset behind his physical approach to his position.

Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those conversations, which you can watch in their entirety below:

"There were some good clips in some of those normal downs. But one of the things that I think (Colts Defensive Coordinator) Coach (Matt) Eberflus does a great job of (is) they've got an identity on early downs. They do a really good job. They are fundamentally sound, they play hard, they are a penetrating front." – McVay

  • In terms of getting a read conceptually on what the Colts do defensively based on how they adjusted to the Seahawks' offense – knowing Seattle runs a lot of the same concepts – McVay said it's a small sample size but still helpful film to have from a preparation standpoint.
  • "They play really sound and they've got excellent players at some of the key spots, and you can see they do a nice job building around those guys," McVay said of the Colts' defense.

"I think (quarterback) Matthew Stafford can do so many different things. You're not limited in any way that you can utilize him." – McVay

  • Stafford's skillset gives the Rams flexibility when they encounter problems presented by an opposing defense and need to adjust.
  • "We were in the shotgun a lot more than what you've typically seen in some of those early downs," McVay said. "We have a lot more things that we're doing both in the gun and underneath the center that you're presenting to the defense, and that was something that I don't necessarily know if it's exclusively Matthew. It's, 'Hey, let's be honest with a self-scout and making sure that you're presenting a variety of different things to the defenses to try to keep them honest.'

"I feel like I'm just a defensive back, so (I) could play anywhere on the field and it's just part of my game. That's part of where my impact comes from is also being physical, not just covering guys." – Ramsey

  • For Ramsey, the physical approach to his position that has been discussed a lot this week is naturally part of his skillset.
  • "Whether it's a big hit or just a simple tackle, as long as we get them down that's all that matters, to be honest," Ramsey said.

"(Cornerback Darious Williams is) really doing the same thing, just different a little bit." – Ramsey

  • The versatility of Williams plays a big role in Ramsey being able to do what he does.
  • "Just being able to basically do the same thing I'm doing, honestly – play inside and outside at times. Him being able to do that allows me to like play more freely and be able to do it more, I guess you could say," Ramsey said.

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