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From the Podium: CB Jalen Ramsey talks return of football

Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey held a video conference with local media on Tuesday to discuss the start of the team's acclimation period and the status of contract extension talks with the team, among other important topics. Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from that virtual conversation:

"My agent and the front office, they will handle all that."

  • Ramsey isn't worried about the timing of a potential contract extension as he gears up for training camp and the regular season, instead focusing only "on what I can control." He said timing will be as much of a surprise to him as it will be the local media.
  • Reflective of that focus, Ramsey said that when he spoke with his agent before this month, he told him only to call him once – when the deal was done.
  • Right now, Ramsey is concentrating on "doing his job as a football player" and "trying to be a leader of the team."

"You would just hope that what they're doing aligns with what we want to accomplish as a team and they wouldn't put the team in jeopardy of anything happening, like them possibly being out doing something they're not supposed to do and catching COVID and bringing it back and infecting any other people."

  • Asked about giving guidance on COVID-19 protocols to younger players, Ramsey indicated the Rams locker room is mature enough to make the right decisions.
  • Ramsey said that while leaders of the team can give direction, "at the end of the day, everybody is a professional, everybody's a grown man, kind of got to get with it."

"I would say he's intense, but I think he's a good leader."

  • Defensive coordinator Brandon Staley's teaching style is resonating with Rams players, including Ramsey.
  • Ramsey said what makes Staley's leadership and teaching style effective is that he understands that not every player can be treated the same way, and "knows how to treat different people differently."

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