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Rams threw "everything" at Allen Robinson II, and he's picking it up quickly 

IRVINE, Calif. – They know he can run the entire route tree. They also know he's more versatile than what he's shown so far in his NFL career.

As training camp has gotten underway, the Rams have also discovered this about wide receiver Allen Robinson II:

He's a quick study.

"He's doing a great job," wide receiver Cooper Kupp said after Day 2 of Rams Training Camp 2022 presented by UNIFY Financial Credit Union. "We threw everything at him, at everyone. We installed very quickly, and his ability to just kind of pick the stuff up and go with it, it says a lot about him."

Kupp's comments echo quarterback Matthew Stafford's from the offseason program, during which time Stafford came away impressed with Robinson's understanding of the offense and ability to learn and troubleshoot it.

With him picking the system up as quickly as he is, that's enabled Robinson to tackle the most important item left on his checklist with his new team – building chemistry with Stafford.

"It's been good. It's been exciting," Robinson said after Day 4. "Again, those little things like that make camp fun. Like I said before, just making sure we're always on the same page as you're going through different routes timing wise, ball placement, just everything. Constant communication from play-to-play."

Stafford resuming throwing after not doing so during organized team activities in the spring, combined with Robinson's grasp of the offense, has allowed them to experiment with ball placement, as was evident in Wednesday's practice.

"Oh, I think it is a great time to be able to do that because what a better time to have no real consequences if you're saying, 'Okay, maybe that wasn't,'" Rams head coach Sean McVay said after Day 4. "Or if you find something out that you really like, and where does he like certain throws based on some of those isolation routes that we might activate with him. I think that's the best part. I don't get too upset about mistakes because these are the times to really test some of our rules."

McVay said the Rams are still early in their installation process with the offense, with 60-65 percent of it in. Robinson is keeping up with it nicely.

"I think he's got a great grasp," McVay said. "You can see the questions that he's asking – I heard you guys talk to Cooper about this the other day. It's not just, 'What's my assignment?' It's, 'What are the nuances and the mechanics within the frameworks of this assignment? How do we want it run versus three-deep, four-underneath as opposed to split-safety, match coverage, man coverage with low hole help?' He's asking all those kind of things, which is what you want to see."

Robinson likewise feels good about where he's at.

"I feel pretty good," Robinson said. "Just kind of learning some little nuances and things like that. Maybe play-specific stuff or things like that. But for the most part I feel pretty good."

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