Player Personnel

  • Taylor Morton Senior Personnel Advisor
  • Brian Xanders Senior Personnel Executive
  • Ray Agnew Director, Pro Scouting
  • James Gladstone Director, Scouting Strategy
  • Brad Holmes Director, College Scouting
  • JW Jordan Director, Draft Management
  • John McKay Assistant Director, Pro Scouting
  • Ted Monago Assistant Director, College Scouting
  • Marty Barrett National Scout
  • Matt Waugh Pro Scout
  • Vito Gonella Area Scout, West Coast
  • Brian Hill Area Scout, Midwest
  • Billy Johnson Area Scout, Southeast (Western)
  • Steve Kazor Area Scout, Southwest
  • Michael Pierce Area Scout, Southeast (Eastern)
  • Chance Trickett Area Scout, Mountain/Auxiliary
  • John Zernhelt Area Scout, Northeast
  • Steve Miller Special Assistant to the General Manager/Security
  • Andy Sugarman Special Assistant to the General Manager/Analyst
  • Ryon Lynn Scouting Assistant
  • Ray Farmer Scouting Consultant
  • Cedric Jones Scouting Consultant
  • Lawrence McCutcheon Scouting Consultant

Football Operations

  • Sophie Luoto Director, Football Operations
  • Vincent Hug Manager, Football Operations
  • Brendan Burger Head of Equipment
  • Darwin Beacham Assistant Manager, Equipment
  • Stephen Hale Assistant Manager, Equipment
  • Luis Ramos Assistant, Equipment
  • Ryan Garlisch Manager, Software Development
  • Jake Temme Manager, Data and Analytics
  • Sarah Bailey Analyst, Data and Analytics
  • Kassandra Garcia Analyst, Football Administration
  • Dave Love Director, Security
  • Jaime More Manager, Facilities
  • Scott Lupold Head Groundskeeper
  • Chris Hawes Assistant Groundskeeper
  • Kristen Lee Coordinator, Administration/ Operations
  • Daniel Dmytrisin Director, Video
  • Colby Yanagi Manager, Video
  • Kimo Shearin Coordinator, Video
  • Matt Kubly Assistant, Video

Sports Medicine and Performance

  • Reggie Scott Senior Director, Sports Medicine and Performance
  • Byron Cunningham Director, Rehabilitation/ Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Tyler Williams Manager, Sports Science/ Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Mark Dydasco Assistant, Athletic Trainer
  • Jacques McClendon Director, Player Engagement
  • Joey Blake Head Team Dietitian


  • Dan August Vice President, Strategy
  • Todd Davis Vice President, Legal Affairs
  • Eric Dickerson Vice President, Business Development
  • Stephanie Cheng Head of Special Projects
  • Issac Ortega Manager, Strategy & Analytics



  • Artis Twyman Senior Director, Communications
  • Joanna Hunter Senior Director, Corporate Communications
  • Tiffany White Lead Communications Specialist
  • Travis Langer Coordinator, Communications
  • Chase Isaacs Corporate Communications Specialist

Community Affairs and Engagement

  • Molly Higgins Vice President, Community Affairs and Engagement
  • Maria Camacho Director, Government Affairs
  • Keely Fimbres Director, Cheerleaders and Mascot
  • Zach Kinkeade Manager, Community Affairs and Player Involvement
  • Johnathan Franklin Manager, Community Affairs and Player Engagement
  • David Weingarten Coordinator, Community Affairs and Player Engagement
  • Alex Floch Mascot Manager
  • Sarah Woebkenberg Coordinator, Community Ambassador

Employee Experience

  • Oracio Galindo Head of Employee Experience
  • Jiana Jaber HR Business Partner
  • Jenee Galindo Front Desk and Business Operations Assistant
  • Alaine Brewer Benefits Administrator


  • Jeff Brewer Treasurer
  • Darline Llopis Controller
  • Danielle Michael Payroll Manager
  • Christine Carrelli Accountant
  • Jessica Thigpenn Coordinator, Accounts Payable


  • Ronalee Zarate-Bayani Chief Marketing Officer
  • Christian Parsons Vice President, Brand Experience
  • Marty Turman Vice President, Demand Generation and CRM
  • Cory Befort Director, Creative Services
  • Doug Howe Specialist, Marketing
  • Harrison Packer Specialist, Direct Marketing
  • Amber Williams Marketing and Media Performance Analyst
  • Tyree White Manager, CRM & Database
  • Michael Guardi CRM Developer
  • Sarah Schuler Director, Brand Events
  • Jarrod Barnes Specialist, Legends Community
  • Cameron Brown Coordinator, Marketing Operations
  • Craig Appleby Coordinator, Youth Brand Experience
  • Rachel Zisman Coordinator, Brand Ambassadors
  • Brittany Cipolla Specialist, Season Ticket Member Experiences and Benefits
  • Sara Dugan Coordinator, Guest Experience
  • Michelle Runch Lead, Marketing and Media Operations
  • Melissa Park Specialist, Marketing and Media Operations
  • Maria Sop Planner, Marketing Operations
  • Chadwick Richardson Manager, Gameday Production
  • Shawn Dangerfield Graphic Designer
  • Max Neser Digital Designer
  • Catherine Howard Specialist, Sales Design


  • Marissa Daly Vice President and General Manager, Media
  • Jory Hirsh Director, Programming and Talent
  • Taylor Gilkeson Managing Producer
  • Sandarvis Duffie Video Producer, TV Production
  • Matt Israel Video Producer, Social
  • Nick Conte Video Producer
  • Rodolfo Galvan-Rivera Studio Producer
  • J.B. Long Play-by-Play Announcer
  • Sarina Morales Team Reporter
  • Katelyn Baker Manager, Media Partnerships
  • Jamie Han Manager, Social Media
  • Sydney Ringdahl Coordinator, Social Media
  • Ana Hoosier Manager, Digital Operations
  • Ashton Leber Coordinator, Digital Operations


  • Gabe Jimenez Specialist, Merchandising


  • Jason Griffiths Vice President, Partnership Sales
  • Mike O’Keefe Vice President, Partnership Development
  • Lexi Vonderlieth Vice President, Partnership Marketing
  • Brittany Ramos Director, Partnership Strategy
  • Joanna Yiu Director, Partnership Operations
  • Cat Davidson Analyst, Partnership Strategy
  • Brett Estes Analyst, Partnership Strategy
  • Eric Ovtiz Partnership Marketing Specialist
  • Megan Fogarty Senior Manager, Partnership Sales
  • Chris Edwards Senior Manager, Partnership Sales
  • Tyler Potts Senior Manager, Partnership Sales
  • Sean Gannon Manager, Partnership Sales
  • Lindsey Garrison Lead Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Roderick Stephens Lead Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Cali Moore Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Sarah Teichner Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Bianca Graves Manager, Partnership Marketing
  • Cindy Carrillo Coordinator, Partnership Marketing


  • Skarpi Hedinsson Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeff Graves Manager, Information Technology

Ticketing and Member Services

  • Steven Moore Director, Ticket Operations
  • Meagan Roberts Director, Premium Experience
  • Jerrett Burke Head of Client Service
  • Daiveun Curry-Chapman Account Executive, Ticket Sales
  • Andre Laws Account Executive, Ticket Sales
  • Stephen Logsdon Account Executive, Ticket Sales
  • Lizzy Martinez Account Executive, Ticket Sales
  • Evan Rosenberg Account Executive, Ticket Sales
  • Casey Jones Member Services Representative
  • Brittany Todd Member Services Representative
  • Ciara Andrews Member Services Representative
  • John Billingsley Member Services Representative
  • Tiffany Dimaculangan Member Services Representative
  • Megan Elcock Account Manager, Premium Experience
  • Carson Holden Account Manager, Premium Experience
  • Briana Montanez Account Manager, Premium Experience
  • Alexis Pinson Coordinator, Ticket Sales
  • Travis Wegener Manager, Ticket Operations
  • Jessica Bracamontes Coordinator, Ticket Operations
  • Amanda Soper Assistant, Ticket Operations