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Cam Akers ready to be a playmaker | 10 Things with Sarina Morales

Each week, I interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off it. This week, Cam Akers shares his thoughts on why being a running back is the best position to play in football, Jalen Ramsey's support and why he is the king of Halloween candy.


1: Running backs do it all 

Sarina: Convince me why the running back position is better than the rest. 

Cam: I just feel like the running back position is better than the rest because you're not one dimensional. It's not like you got to just run the ball. You protect the quarterback, you block for receivers when they're making plays, I just think running back is one of the more versatile positions in football.


2: He's ready

Sarina: I loved hearing you in Mic’d Up. How do you feel now that you've gotten some games under your belt?

Cam: I'm ready to really make plays! Ready to score some touchdowns. To be what this team drafted me to be, and that's a playmaker and a team player. That's what I'm ready to do.

3: Don't tell him what to wear

Sarina: Your suit game is strong. What's the most important part when it comes to dressing up?

Cam: I got to be the one to pick it, put it together. I don't like people to do it. I don't like people to be able to say that they are dressing me. I got to be the one with the ideas.


4: Big bro, Jalen

Sarina: How has it been having a fellow FSU alum on the team?

Cam: It's been a blessing to have a fellow Florida State alum on the team, having [Jalen] as a big brother role. Somebody who I can go to and ask questions, on call if I need them. Somebody who has been there so that I can lean on and help me transition from college to this level. That's what he's been.


5: Control what you can control

Sarina: What's a good piece of advice you've heard lately?

Cam: Control what you can control. That's important when you're dealing with football. You know, when you're dealing with a lot of people, you're dealing with a lot of uncertainty, just control what you can control.


6: Hello from Clinton, Mississippi

Sarina: What's the best part of Clinton, MS? (Cam's hometown)

Cam: I would say the people, the people of Clinton, are great people. I know a lot of great people and they are very supportive. Always have been, and they still are.

7: Loyal to the royal

Sarina: New uniforms. Rams royal, bone, throwback with the yellow pants. Which one?

Cam: *I like the all blue… the all royal.


8: Trick-or-treat

Sarina: Halloween question. Which teammate would be the most successful at trick-or -treating?

Cam: It would be me (laughs). Yeah, me. Reason being is because I know how to get things I want, and candy, I eat that every day. I buy candy every day.

9: Coach Brown

Sarina: How's it been working with running backs coach Thomas Brown?

Cam: It's been great. Just getting better. Polishing up on the things that I wasn't as polished up on coming from college. Just ultimately getting better on and off the field as a young man, as a player.


10: Three-headed monster

Sarina: The running game has been pretty strong. What kind of things are your friends around the league saying to you about the position group?

Cam: They say it's been going good. They understand this is a three-headed monster. They understand that we all contribute to the team success.


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