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Gerald Everett talks Thanksgiving must-haves | 10 Things with Sarina Morales

Each week, Sarina interviews a different Rams player to learn more about their lives on the field as well as off of it. This week, tight end Gerald Everett talks about getting a Super Bowl ring, traveling to Paris and stuffed chicken.


1: It's all in the detail 

Sarina:How would you describe the offense this season in comparison to seasons past? 

Gerald:I would say this year's offense has more detail and we have more acknowledgement in each other's abilities, which entails us knowing what's to be expected.


2: A little bit of both

Sarina: *What is the key to being a good tight end?

Gerald: *Toughness and physicality. Effort and talent go hand in hand. But you can't be successful without both of them.

3: Best on the planet

Sarina: *How does one become the best on the planet?

Gerald: *By working on everything that's physically possible, on every facet, every element. In that picture specifically, we are striving to be the best on the planet. Of course, each of us individually are trying to be the best. But, you know, in a group setting, you have to complement each other. Our group is trying to be the best on the planet.

Gerald IG post

4: Rings and things 

Sarina:What is a personal goal you have for yourself this season? 

Gerald:To win the Super Bowl. And for myself, win each and every route. Win each and every snap. Those would be my personal goals. But, yeah, to get a Super Bowl ring.

Tight end (81) Gerald Everett of the Los Angeles Rams before the Rams 17-9 victory over the Giants in an NFL Week 4 regular season game, Sunday, October 4, 2020, in Inglewood, Calif. (Jeff Lewis/LA Rams)

5: Momma Everett 

Sarina:You are super close with your mom, if you called her right now, what would she say to you?  

Gerald:She would ask me if I'm okay, what I'm doing and how I'm eating.


6: Grab some popcorn 

Sarina:What celebrity would you want to play YOU in a movie?  

Gerald:Will Smith or Kid Cudi.  

7: Fashion FTW 

Sarina:I know you speak French and Spanish, so if you could travel right now, would you go to Paris or Barcelona? Why? 

Gerald:I would probably go to Paris. I'm a big fashion guy. And I really want to go taste some of the desserts and I want to go try some different fabrics and go shopping and bring a lot of stuff back and go see the Eiffel Tower.


8: Meet the Press 

Sarina:If you could sit anywhere as a fan at SoFi, where would you sit? 

Gerald:In the Press Box. 

9: Witch movie? 

Sarina:Favorite scary movie to watch on Halloween? 

Gerald:Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown.

10: No need for turkey on Thanksgiving 

Sarina:What is a must-have for Thanksgiving dinner?  

Gerald:Yams or stuffed chicken.

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