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From the Podium: Rams GM Les Snead, QB Jared Goff discuss acclimation period, changes

Rams general manager Les Snead and quarterback Jared Goff each held video conferences with local media on Monday to discuss the start of the team's acclimation period. Here are some of the highlights and key takeaways from those virtual conversations:

"We'll keep the intimacy of those details, with the players, let's call it, contracts expiring this year, in-house." – Snead

  • Cornerback Jalen Ramsey, as well as a handful other key contributors like wide receiver Cooper Kupp, wide receiver Josh Reynolds, safety John Johnson III and tight end Gerald Everett, are entering the final year of the rookie contracts this season, and when asked for an update on the status of the negotiations specific to Ramsey, Snead elected to keep it private as the Rams have typically done with these situations.
  • At the same time, Snead said they have a "very healthy relationship" with Ramsey's agent, noting they've maintained a dialogue with him since acquiring Ramsey last October.

"For that back-end of the roster, it will be very important to see them play football." – Snead

  • As part of their solution for creating competitive situations in the absence of preseason games, the Rams will be holding a couple scrimmages at SoFi Stadium this month.
  • These scrimmages will likely be treated like preseason games in years past, which means not putting a segment of the roster in that live setting in order to preserve their health prior to the regular season opener. Instead, those reps are given those reps to younger, less experienced players, making them a key part in evaluating players on the back-end of their roster.

"Saw a lot of guys out there in our walkthrough that were going a little bit faster than walkthrough tempo and understandably so. It was fun and it was a good day." – Goff

  • The Rams officially kicked off their acclimation period of training camp today, which was scheduled to include 60 minutes of strength work, 60 minutes of on-field conditioning work and a 60-minute walkthrough.
  • Goff could sense the excitement during the team's walk-through session due to releasing built-up energy from the absence of on-field work this spring.

"I may have put on a couple of pounds. I don't know if that's muscle or a couple cheeseburgers. I'm not sure. But I feel good." – Goff

  • Asked if he did anything different physically this offseason, Goff joked the culmination of his offseason in quarantine could've been from his eating habits or work-out regiment.
  • On a more serious note, Goff said he did focus on strengthening his core and lower body, as well as improving his footwork and posture in the pocket.

"I think what's been stressed from seeing some of the fallout from that, is that we're not only affecting each other by the decisions we could possibly make off the field, we're affecting each others' families, kids and potentially parents as well." – Goff

  • Like Rams head coach Sean McVay yesterday, Goff mentioned the importance of using the COVID-19 outbreaks experienced by Major League Baseball's Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals as a teaching point among players when it comes to risk mitigation.
  • Goff said he understands players are going to live their lives and want to go out to dinner, for example, but reiterated the importance of "being smart" and "taking care of yourself" when making those decisions.

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