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Quotes & Notes 7/27: Cooper Kupp feels good after first day of Rams 2019 training camp 

After each media session, Quotes and Notes will bring you what was said, who said it, and what it means for your Los Angeles Rams.


"I'm tripping over myself, I'm so juiced. I just feel like I'm running over myself right now. … My body feels great and I'm excited to be back." 

— WR Cooper Kupp

  • After his season ended prematurely with a torn ACL in 2018, wide receiver Cooper Kupp is really happy to be back at the start of 2019 training camp.
  • Kupp was a significant part of the action on Saturday, participating full speed during 11-on-11 drills. 
  • He jumped up and caught a pass down the left seam, in a sense signaling just how "back" he is. 
  • Kupp could barely contain his excitement to be back on the field after what he's been through, which is what he meant by "tripping over" himself.

"I thought he he looked good. … I think the more reps that he gets at full speed, the more comfortable he's going to get."

— HC Sean McVay

  • Head coach Sean McVay was encouraged by what he saw out of Kupp during Saturday's first practice of camp.
  • McVay has said that there's a specific plan in place for Kupp to bring him along in the best way possible — in order to make sure he's not putting himself in an unfavorable position as the calendar moves into August.
  • The head coach credited Kupp along with head trainer Reggie Scott and his staff for Kupp being able to return to this level of performance so quickly.

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"It's good. Just out here just doing what I do. Obviously I'm about to go do some recovery after this, and just get ready for the next day."

— RB Todd Gurley

  • How does Todd Gurley's knee feel after Day 1? He said it's good.
  • Gurley didn't look any different when running the ball on the first day of camp, showing burst and explosiveness.
  • Gurley said he's glad to be back on the field with his teammates.

"Y'all gotta stop putting this bad energy in my knee, man — just let it be!"

—RB Todd Gurley

  • Gurley had some fun during this media session following Saturday's practice, joking about all the questions he's faced about his knee throughout the offseason.
  • Gurley said he's not necessarily eager to get back on the field to shut the questions down, nor does he feel like he has to prove anything to anybody when it comes to his performance.
  • The running back noted this is a game he's been playing for years now, so what he's going through now isn't really anything new.

"Todd really has kind of become a veteran player as well, so you could see the workload from day-to-day be alternated based on what we get from the GPS tracking system, and really how he's feeling, most importantly."

— HC Sean McVay

  • McVay had mentioned that there's a specific plan in place for Gurley as well for this year's training camp.
  • Gurley did not participate in the on-field portions of the Rams' offseason program, instead working with personal trainer Travelle Gaines.
  • But now Gurley's back and McVay said the RB looked good in his first team on-field action since February.

"It's a great plan. Veteran plan. That's why I love coach. That's why I love Reggie. That's why I love the whole strength staff. That's why I love the Rams. It's going to be a good camp."

— RB Todd Gurley

  • Gurley has never been shy when describing how he feels about practice. If you remember, he quoted Allen Iverson during the Rams' playoff run back at the start of the calendar year.
  • So he is certainly in favor of Los Angeles' plan to manage his practice workload this season.
  • As McVay said, Gurley is a veteran player now, so he'll likely be on the same kind of track that Los Angeles has used with players like left tackle Andrew Whitworth.
  • Gurley will practice most days, but there will be times where he'll have a day off.
  • But, as Gurley said, that doesn't mean he'll totally relax. He will still have to maintain his body. And, Gurley said, he'll want to be out there to support his teammates.

"[T]here's a reason why we have a lot of confidence in them, but they certainly have to earn it every day."

— HC Sean McVay

  • McVay was referring to the Rams' two new starting offensive linemen — left guard Joe Noteboom and center Brian Allen.
  • A reporter asked McVay if he feels Noteboom and Allen are where they need to be, but without pads, McVay said it's a little too early for that to be determined.
  • The Rams selected both Noteboom and Allen during the 2018 draft — Noteboom in the third round and Allen in the fourth.
  • Part of the confidence comes from the fact that both have been in the building for a year and understand the Rams' system.
  • Still, both players have a lot to prove as 2019 begins.

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