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10 things with David Long Jr. 

Each week, we interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off of it. Team Reporter, Sarina Morales, asks the questions fans want to know, in a fun and conversational interview. This week, defensive back, David Long Jr., spoke to Sarina about his year two goals, hover boards and what he would be if not for football.


1: Gains

Sarina: How are you doing?

David: I'm doing well. Hanging in there amidst this pandemic. I haven't done much except work out and study, honestly. With the surplus of time I've found ways to maximize my physical gains, as well as make great strides in the mental department.


2: Coach Staley FTW

Sarina: What has been the biggest learning for you from virtual meetings?

David: Virtual meetings have been great. Coach Staley is very energetic and interactive with the entire unit, and great with creating a picture for guys to plug themselves into the defense where they fit. So even though we're not with each other physically, I believe guys have a good idea of his philosophy of the defense.


3: A name amongst numbers

Sarina: Going into year two as a Ram...what is your goal this season?

David: My goal this season is be the best player I can be and really bring everything together. Last season I had a learning curve and progressed well, but I feel I now have the experience and skill set to be the player others have envisioned me to be and more. I also have a better understanding of what to expect, having a year under my belt. Things like lifting, workouts, diets…I just know what my body needs and what I need to get going. I also have a better understanding of the game of football spending a year with Eric Weddle and a good deal of time with Aqib and Marcus in the meeting room. I had a lot of these things last year, but I had to endure a learning curve and get my feet under me. So now I feel ready to make my splash and become a name amongst numbers.


4: T-Rapp is a beast

Sarina: What do you think of your buddy Taylor Rapp and his insane 10,000 calorie workout day?

David: Lol, T-Rapp is a beast for taking on that 10,000-calorie challenge. While it was super wild, I would expect him to attack something like that, and ultimately succeed. That's a dope accomplishment and experience, but I don't think we will ever share that experience, lol.

5: SoFi will be SoFire

Sarina: SoFi stadium is almost complete! What are you excited about when it comes to the new stadium?

David: Most exciting thing about the new stadium is the atmosphere and makeup. I've played in some of the best college and professional stadiums in the country, and I always enjoy the energy at different stadiums and different cities. Hopefully we can mold our home field into one of those stadiums people talk about and how it's a tough crowd!

Check out the April aerial shots of our future home at SoFi Stadium!

6: Friends in the league

Sarina: Have any games circled on the schedule this season? Any games stand out to you?

David: No games circled. I'm just ready to get after it with the opportunities given. I am excited to see some of my friends. This past draft class would have been my draft class so a lot of my friends I graduated with or played in college with are now in the league as well. So, while no games are circled, I'm excited for those moments and the start of their journey.

7: Catch him on the couch

Sarina: What is an underrated object in your home right now? Why?

David: My coach in my film room. I can get a nap in, play games, and get some film in all within arm's reach.


8: Tell Perry, David sent you!

Sarina: Favorite LA restaurant you've ordered from a lot these days?

David: Perry's Joint. Perry's Joint is actually in Pasadena, where I'm from, but it's amazing food and excellent service. If anyone is ever in the area, they should check it out. Let Perry know I sent you, lol!!! And get the Hip Bird!


9: Bring Back to the Future

Sarina: What piece of technology do you want invented in your lifetime? Why?

David: A piece of technology that I want invented in my lifetime would be those hover boards from Back to the Future. They kind of have similar things, but nothing like that exact board from the movie.


10: The architect

Sarina: If not football...what would you be doing?

David: If I didn't play football, I think I would've pursued my dream of becoming an architect/structural engineer. I spent a good deal of high school working on civil engineering and a lot of my friend's dads and grandparents were involved in that exact field.

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