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10 things with Joe Noteboom

Each week, we interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off of it. Team Reporter, Sarina Morales, asks the questions fans want to know, in a fun and conversational interview. This week, offensive lineman, Joe Noteboom, spoke to Sarina about breaking his leg on a black diamond, Mike Modano and what he is working on this off-season.


1: Step-by-step

Sarina: What's the update on Joe Noteboom, how's your knee?

Joe: I think we're about eight weeks from surgery. Haven't started running yet or anything like that, just trying to get the quad strength up and figure out walking. I think in about four weeks we start jogging and stuff like that on the field.


2: The little things

Sarina: What has the healing process taught you?

Joe: I've never really taken walking for granted, but now I do. Health and eating well and getting your body right. I've always thought it was important, but now [even more]. I never want to get hurt again, because this sucks.


3: Still learning

Sarina: Is there anything you learned watching the game, not being in the game?

Joe: I haven't really watched a game from up top, it just looks so different from up there.

Sarina: Welcome to our life as fans.

Joe: I know. even on TV, it looks different than in person. But you see more and see the bigger picture of plays and stuff. It's hard to get that when you're just playing your position.


4: Mean muggin'

Sarina: Is there a face that you do, where you're like, "Bro, don't even try me" or are you shouting? What happens in that moment when you are at the line literally helmet to helmet?

Joe: With that, I'll just say just consistently beating the guy one on one and locking him up, just kind of going through the whistle, letting him know that you won the rip.


5. Playing hockey as a kid

Sarina: You also played hockey growing up, have you ever lost a tooth?

Joe: No, we had to wear masks.

Sarina: You played the safest hockey of all time.

Joe: Yeah, pretty much. You couldn't fight, you couldn't do anything dirty, because it was like club high school.


6. Favorite hockey player

Sarina: Little Joe growing up idolized...

Joe: My team was the Stars, so Mike Modano was basically the best Stars player of all-time.

Sarina: Have you ever met him?

Joe: I saw him in a hallway once and got a picture... that's about it.


7: Skiing

Sarina: What's a thing that you want to do but you can't do because you play football?

Joe: Skiing, for sure. Last time I skied, I broke my leg, so-

Sarina: We don't want that.

Joe: In eighth grade. I was pretty good. I was on a black [diamond] when I broke my leg. My parents would never let me go again.


8: Treat yo self

Sarina: What was your first "treat yourself" moment when you entered the NFL?

Joe: Definitely buying a truck was the first thing. That was pretty much all I really wanted, was just a nice truck. Other than that, just being able to do what you want without having to worry about money.

Sarina: Do you sing in your truck when you're driving?

Joe: Yeah.

Sarina: What are you singing in your car if you're really in the mood?

Joe: Literally any genre, I'd say. Country, rock, rap. Just anything.


9: Fear of failure

Sarina: What is your biggest fear?

Joe: Just fear of failure on the field. Definitely. Just not living up to my potential on the field.


10. Emojis

Sarina: Top emoji used?

Joe: Don't know how to explain them, but the face with the... squiggly.

Sarina: The squiggly 🥴I love that one! What does that even mean?

Joe: I don't know, it's just awkward face.

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