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10 Things with Troy Reeder

Each week, we interview a different Rams player to find out about their lives on the field as well as off of it. Team Reporter, Sarina Morales, asks the questions fans want to know, in a fun and conversational interview. This week, linebacker, Troy Reeder, spoke to Sarina about seafood pasta, not to dwell on the past and Big Brew and the Boys.


1: Virtual meetings

Sarina: What do you like about the virtual meetings?

Troy: They're pretty cool. They can be frustrating at times, but I like that we can still get all the guys together to talk some ball despite the circumstances.

Linebacker (51) Troy Reeder of the Los Angeles Rams practices, Thursday, December 5, 2019, in Thousand Oaks, CA. (Jeff Lewis/Rams)

2: User error

Sarina: Who is the teammate who has the hardest time with technology?

Troy: I'm not sure, but it's pretty funny when guys get dropped from our zoom meetings and have to frantically try to get back on before they miss anything.

Linebacker (51) Troy Reeder of the Los Angeles Rams against the Arizona Cardinals during the Rams 31-24 victory over the Cardinals in an NFL Week 17 regular season game, Sunday, December 29, 2019, in Los Angeles, CA. (Jeff Lewis)

3: Do the little things right

Sarina: As an undrafted rookie last season, what is your "word to the wise" for all the undrafted guys coming in this offseason?

Troy: Don't dwell on the past. Make the most of your opportunity and do the little things right.

Linebacker (51) Troy Reeder of the Los Angeles Rams stands for the National Anthem before the Rams versus the Dallas Cowboys, the Rams are defeated 44-21 in an NFL Week 15 football game at AT&T Stadium, Sunday, December 15, 2019, in Arlington, TX. (Will Navarro/Rams)

4: Hacienda boys

Sarina: Which teammates are you really excited to see in person? Why?

Troy: Got to go with Jake Gervase, Brian Allen, and Jeremiah Kolone. They're my three roommates and I miss hanging with the boys at the Hacienda.

Linebacker (51) Troy Reeder and safety (39) Jake Gervase of the Los Angeles Rams on the sideline before the Rams 37-10 victory over the Falcons in an NFL Week 7 regular season football game, Sunday, October 20, 2019, in Atlanta, GA. (Jeff Lewis/Rams)

5: Seafood pasta

Sarina: Best thing you've cooked while staying home?

Troy: I made a blue crab, shrimp and scallop pasta dish that was a big hit. Those east coast blue crabs are undefeated.

Linebacker (51) Troy Reeder of the Los Angeles Rams arrives at the stadium before the Rams 7-20 loss to the 49ers in an NFL Week 6 regular season football game, Sunday, October 13, 2019, in Los Angeles, CA. (Jeff Lewis/Rams)

6: For the love of Levi's

Sarina: When was the last time you wore jeans?!

Troy: Hahaha I can't even remember! Probably St. Patrick's Day two months ago.

Linebacker (51) Troy Reeder of the Los Angeles Rams arrives at the stadium before the Rams 31-34 loss to the 49ers in an NFL Week 16 regular season game, Saturday, December 21, 2019, in Santa Clara, CA. (Jeff Lewis/Rams)

7: Straight to voicemail

Sarina: You got engaged this off-season. What was the hardest part about preparing for the proposal? Share any funny nuggets about that day?

Troy: The hardest thing was just making sure everything went as planned. After I did it, I had a surprise dinner planned with our families so I told her parents not to answer their phones until we got to the restaurant because I knew she would want to call them right away. The whole way to the restaurant Mary was so mad at her parents for not answering their phones, then we walked in and they were waiting for us.

8: Do not disturb Miracles

Sarina: With everyone doing Netflix and chill, what is the one show or movie you can't watch with anyone?

Troy: The movie Miracle, about the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team. No one wants to watch it with me because I know every word and can't help but say them along the whole movie.

9: Big Brew and the Boys

Sarina: Samson Ebukam started playing the drums this offseason. If you could start a band with four other teammates, who would be in your band?

Troy: Chandler Brewer is going to be lead singer with his country boy twang. Samson can take the drums. Greg Gaines on the guitar. I'll put Nick Scott on the Piano. And I will play whatever requires no musical talent, maybe a triangle or something. Our name would be Big Brew and the Boys, I'll give Brew the name since he's lead singer.

10: Philly's best

Sarina: What matchup are you most excited about based on the schedule release?

Troy: Definitely most looking forward to playing in Philadelphia Week 2. I grew up about 45 minutes outside Philly, surrounded by die-hard Eagles fans, so it will be fun getting to go back east and play in front of a lot of friends and family.

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